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New Imperialism

Quiz by Maria Mahoney

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  • Q1

    In the 19th century, a major reason the British wanted to control the Suez Canal region was to

    ensure easier access to India

    improve farming in the Middle East

    promote nationalism in Egypt

    facilitate the slave trade in eastern Africa

  • Q2

    Social Darwinism and the ideas expressed in the "White Man's Burden" were used by Europeans to justify their policies of





  • Q3

    One major reason European countries engaged in imperialism in the late 19th century was to

    develop treatments for diseases

    ease tensions with their rivals

    obtain markets for their manufactured goods

    gain a better understanding of unknown territories

  • Q4

    Which statement best expresses the Western perspective regarding Rudyard Kipling’s “white man’s burden”?

    Europeans suffered great hardships in exploring new trade routes to Asia.

    Europeans had a duty to introduce the benefits of their civilization to non-European

    Europeans should preserve traditional cultures in Africa and Asia

    Europeans must protect existing African and Asian economies

  • Q5

    The terms spheres of influenceextra-territoriality, and mandates are most closely associated with



    collective security


  • Q6

    European nations acquired colonies in Southeast Asia mainly to

    prevent China from gaining dominance in the region

    obtain land to resettle their surplus population

    foster a spirit of international interdependence

    gain resources and markets for their industries

  • Q7

    The terms of the Treaty of Nanjing and of the Treaty of Kanagawa demonstrate the

    unequal relationships that characterized imperialism

    changing roles of men and women associated with modernization

    humanitarian ideals that accompanied missionary activity

    importance of technology in developing economies

  • Q8

    The major factor that enabled Western Europe to dominate large parts of Asia and Africa in the 19th and early 20th centuries was the

    acceptance of Christianity by many Asians and Africans

    technological and military superiority of European nations

    refusal of Asians and Africans to fight against European imperialism

    desire of Asians and Africans for European raw materials

  • Q9

    During the 18th and 19th centuries, Europeans improved roads and bridges and built railroads in their colonies primarily to

    provide jobs for the colonists

    obtain raw materials needed for industrialization

    impress the colonists with their technological knowledge

    help missionaries spread Christianity

  • Q10

    The primary goal of the Indian National Congress (1885–1947) was to

    reform the Hindu religion

    partition India between Muslims and Hindus

    create a socialist economy

    gain independence from Great Britain

  • Q11

    To which period does the slogan "The Sun never sets on the British Empire" refer?

    Glorious Revolution

    Protestant Reformation

    Age of Imperialism

    Middle Ages

  • Q12

    The government of Great Britain built railroads, schools, and irrigation systems in colonial India primarily to

    help India maintain its traditional cultural systems

    secure favorable trading arrangements with different Indian leaders

    strengthen its political and economic control in India

    prepare India for independence

  • Q13

    Which topic was the focus of discussion at the Berlin Conference (1884-1885)?

    expanding the role of European powers in Latin America

    restricting exploration and scientific research in colonial territories

    dividing Africa

    granting self-determination to colonies

  • Q14

    Some of the ethnic strife in Africa today can be traced back to the European division of Africa resulting from the

    Treaty of Tordesillas

    Congress of Vienna 

    Yalta Conference

    Berlin Conference

  • Q15

    Which African group centralized its rule and adopted new military techniques that challenged the power of the British and the Boers in South Africa?






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