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New Kid Chapter 2 Scavenger Hunt (you need the book)

Quiz by Bryan Scannell

Grade 6
English Language Arts - Next Generation (2017)
New York State Next Generation Standards

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Grade 6
English Language Arts - Next Generation (2017)
New York State Next Generation Standards


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14 questions
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  • Q1

    On page 20, we learn that R.A.D. stands for...

    Riverdance At Dusk School

    Riverdale Academy Day School.

    Rivers Are Dirty School

    Radness Achieved Daily School

  • Q2

    On page 20, we find out that Liam's family...

    Have no idea what R.A.D. is.

    Have all attended Riverdale Achievement Day School.

    Can't stand Riverdale Achievement Day School, and have gone to public school instead.

    Would rather go to a different school.

  • Q3

    This one you have to look closely for. On page 21, it looks like Jordan gets excited at first, and then let down about something that he sees. What is it?

    He gets excited about his uniform but realizes that it doesn't fit him correctly.

    He gets excited that he found a five dollar bill but realizes that it is Liam's.

    He gets excited that he is early to school but then realizes that he is really late.

    He gets excited when he sees an African American man driving a car but disappointed when he realizes that he is a chauffer.

  • Q4

    On page 22 and 23, we see that Jordan thinks that R.A.D. is...

    He thinks that every school looks like that.

    He thinks that the buildings and grounds of the school are amazing.

    He thinks that his art school has a better tennis court.

    He thinks that it is no better than his public school.

  • Q5

    On page 24, you can tell that Jordan is happy because...

    He sees that a student has the same piano backpack that he does.

    He sees that there is some diversity at the Riverdale Achievement Day School.

    He sees a student that is wearing the same vest.

    He sees a student who loves squash.

  • Q6

    On page 25, Jordan finds out that Maury has been at R.A.D. since...

    He has been there since kindergarten.

    He just started like Jordan.

    He has been there since third grade.

    He was just visiting the school and not really a student there.

  • Q7

    We meet a bully named Deandre on page 26, who disrespects Maury by calling him...





  • Q8

    On page 27, We meet Andy. Andy disrespects Jordan by saying he is really small, calling him Gordon, and saying, ___________?

    "What are you, anyway?"

    "What school did you go to before?"

    "Are you here on financial aide?"

    "Why are you here?"

  • Q9

    On page 28, Andy brags that he will be...

    The starting pitcher for the baseball team.

    The starting quarterback for the football.

    The starting goalie on the soccer team.

    The star attackman for the lacrosse team.

  • Q10

    On page 29, Andy uses one of his many racial bias moments when he says, "you will like Mr. Garner". What did he mean by that?

    He will like Mr. Garner because he is the coach of the basketball team.

    He will like Mr. Garner because he teachers ELA.

    He will like Mr. Garner because he is also African American.

    He will like Mr. Garner because he is funny.

  • Q11

    On page 29, there is another moment of foreshadowing when Andy says __________ to Colin in front of Mrs. Rawle.

    "What's up, dawg?"

    "What's crack a lackin'?"

    "What's up, buddy?"

    "What's up, my dude?"

  • Q12

    On page 30, Andy becomes upset with Drew because...

    They both have the name, "Andrew".

    They are both wearing the same shirt.

    They both play quarterback (not yet).

    They both want to sit in the same spot.

  • Q13

    On page 31, we see a moment between Drew and Jordan. Based on what Drew said, does Jordan seem like he has a lot in common with him?

    Yes because he said that he also loves to draw.

    No, because he said that he loves playing music on the piano.

    No, because he gives a weird look when he says his favorite subject is math.

    Yes, because he said that he loves football.

  • Q14

    Who introduces Alexandra on page 32?

    Andy introduces Alexandra and some of her interests.

    The sock puppet on her hand, Mr. Hunny Bunny.

    Her best friend, Ruby Woo.

    The person sitting next to her, Drew.


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