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New Nation

Quiz by Michele DePasquale

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20 questions
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  • Q1
    What pieces of advice did Washington leave us with?
    Form political parties
    Remain President for as long as possible
    No political parties and no foreign influence
    Get involved
  • Q2
    What precedent did Washington set?
    Creating political parties
    Creating election process
    Creating cabinet
    Creating a policy for land purchases
  • Q3
    The importance of the Whiskey Rebellion
    power to enforce federal law
    power to refute federal law
    power to become a dictator
    power to use a militia
  • Q4
    Jefferson and Hamilton..
    were best friends
    replaced the Articles
    added the Elastic Clause
    formed the first political parties
  • Q5
    What was the purpose of the Monroe Doctrine?
    prevent European colonization
    give money to Latin America
    to add Latin America to the US
    direct taxes on Latin America
  • Q6
    Alexander Hamilton is responsible for
    loving Tjeff
    creating the National Bank
    encouraging agriculture
    free trade
  • Q7
    The VA and K Y resolutions were significant because
    created the National bank
    states refuted federal law
    allowed for new states to the Union
    provided free trading
  • Q8
    Thomas Jefferson had a..
    plan for the federal government to dominate states
    plan for a national bank
    strict interpretation of the Constitution
    loose interpretation of the Constitution
  • Q9
    Jefferson buying the Louisiana Purchase violated his belief that
    The national bank was a great idea
    The Hemings were right
    the Constitution should be strictly interpreted
    the Constitution should be loosely interpreted
  • Q10
    The creation of the National Bank
    decreased National tax revenue
    promoted higher tariffs
    stabilized the US economy
    Caused higher debt
  • Q11
    The XYZ affair was between the US and
  • Q12
    The foreign policy of early presidents was to
    secure new territory
    help France
    maintain neutrality
    seek alliances
  • Q13
    The first political parties formed because a fight over
    declaring independence
    interpreting the Constitution
    giving women the right to vote
    expansion of slavery
  • Q14
    All of our early presidents
    support wars
    tried to avoid involvement in European affairs
    aide the French
    fail to gain territory
  • Q15
    The purpose of the Monroe Doctrine
    Support war with Europe
    Keep Eastern Hemisphere out of Western
    Create a military alliance with Latin America
    create democracy in Latin America

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