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New Nation Test Review

Quiz by Dana Borum

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13 questions
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  • Q1
    One weakness of the Articles of Confederation was....
    large states had too many votes
    Congress could not collect taxes
    small states had no votes
  • Q2
    The Articles of Confederation gave each state
    one vote no matter the size
    the power to decide on how many votes they wanted
    all states as many votes as they wanted
  • Q3
    No common currency could be found in
    The Constitution
    The Articles of Confederation
    The Bill of Rights
  • Q4
    President of the Constitutional Convention was
    Thomas Jefferson
    George Washington
    George Mason
  • Q5
    Americans distrusted a strong central government because of
    The weaknesses in the Articles of Confederation
    The rights in the Bill of Rights
    The executive branch in the Constitution
  • Q6
    How was the Constitution different from the Articles of Confederation?
    The Constitution did not allow slavery
    The Constitution created one branch in the national government
    The Constitution gave more power to the national government
  • Q7
    Two political parties formed with which President?
    George Washington
    John Adams
    James Madison
    John Quincy Adams
  • Q8
    What document states that we have the right to bear arms and have a well regulated militia?
    Bill of Rights
    Articles of Confederation
    Treaty of Paris
  • Q9
    What is the correct order of the first 5 Presidents?
    Jefferson, Adams, Washington, Madison, Monroe
    Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Madison, Monroe
    Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe
  • Q10
    How many amendments are in the Bill of Rights
  • Q11
    How many of the 13 states are needed to ratify the Constitution?
  • Q12
    What are the 3 branches of government?
    Executive, Articles, Judicial
    Legislative, Executive, Supreme
    Legislative, Executive, Judicial
  • Q13
    Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution to guarantee
    federal control
    individual freedoms
    separation of powers
    rule of law

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