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New World Review

Quiz by Gonzales, David

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27 questions
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  • Q1
    Christopher Columbus and his three ships reached the Caribbean and landed in the Bahamas, probably on what is
    Grand Bahama Island.
    part of Cuba.
    Key West.
  • Q2
    Native Americans taught the Europeans local farming methods and introduced them to new
    astrological technology.
    types of livestock.
  • Q3
    Who became the first European to reach the Pacific coast of America in 1513?
    Juan Ponce de Leon
    Amerigo Vespucci
    Christopher Columbus
    Vasco de Balboa
  • Q4
    After Columbus had shown the way, Spanish explorers and settlers flocked to the Caribbean hoping to become wealthy through conquest and
    mining silver.
  • Q5
    Most likely the first Americans were
    refugees from Africa.
    Spanish explorers of the fifteenth century.
    Norse seafarers from Scandinavia.
    people who crossed the land bridge from Eurasia to North America.
  • Q6
    After his first voyage, Christopher Columbus believed that he had
    discovered a New World.
    sailed around the world.
    sailed to the outskirts of the East Indies.
    failed at what he had set out to do.
  • Q7
    Some of the more advanced Native American cultures did all of the following except
    engage in significant ocean voyages of discovery.
    establish large, elaborate, and bustling cities.
    make strikingly accurate astronomical observations.
    carry on commerce.
  • Q8
    Columbus called the native people in the "New World" Indians because
    the Vikings had first called them by that name.
    he believed that he had skirted the rim of the "Indies."
    it was a form of the Spanish word for heathen.
    that was what they called themselves.
  • Q9
    The term "Columbian Exchange" describes:
    the transfer of plants, animals and diseases between the Old and New Worlds.
    the trade in Native American furs for European horses and other goods.
    the exporting of precious metals from the New World and the importing of African slaves to the New World.
    the gifts Columbus brought to and received from Native Americans.
  • Q10
    The crop that became the staple of life in Mexico and South America was
  • Q11
    Europeans wanted to discover a new, shorter route to eastern Asia in order to
    reduce the price of goods from Asia.
    All of these choices are correct.
    gain more profits for themselves.
    break the hold that Muslim merchants had on trade with Asia.
  • Q12
    In an effort to reach the Indies, Spain looked westward because
    Muslims blocked the sea route.
    the Pope granted Spain the right to sail this route.
    African tribes constantly menaced the European ships traveling along the coast.
    Portugal controlled the African coast.
  • Q13
    European explorers introduced ____ into the New World.
  • Q14
    The institution of encomienda allowed the
    Europeans to marry Native Americans.
    European governments to give Indians to colonists if they promised to Christianize them.
    governments of Europe to abolish the practice of Indian slavery and to establish African slavery.
    native people to enslave members of other tribes.
  • Q15
    Malinche has earned a place in history as
    the woman whose name is synonymous with "traitor".
    All of these choices are correct.
    the Indian slave woman who served as Cortés's translator with the Mexicans.
    the Indian who married one of Cortes's soldiers and traveled to Spain.

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