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Quiz by Beth Colangelo

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    What is one complication of cold stress?
    respiratory distress
    caput succedaneum
  • Q2
    Most common signs of congenital heart defects:
    respiratory distress
    cyanosis, heart murmurs
  • Q3
    Symptoms of GBS infection in newborn
    increased appetite
    sunken fontanel
    low temperature, respiratory distress
    fever, tachypnea
  • Q4
    Physiologic Jaundice is
    present in the 1st 24 hrs of life
    a kidney disease
    not a serious problem
    yellowing of the skin
  • Q5
    The biggest problem with a cleft palate
    is that surgery needs to be done immediately and not all hospitals are equipped
    is breathing problems because babies are nose breathers
    is feeding difficulties

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