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NewsQuiz 11/15/19

Quiz by Paul Bachman

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    What is the most populated state in Australia, where more than 1,000 firefighters worked to get a handle on deadly bushfires this week?
    New South Wales
  • Q2
    On November 9, 1989, a series of events led to the downfall of what infamous barrier, which had divided part of Germany since 1961?
    The Great Wall of China
    The Berlin Wall
  • Q3
    Until 1954, Veterans Day was known by what other name, which commemorated an event from November 11, 1918?
    Labor Day
    Armistice Day
  • Q4
    Name the former president of Bolivia, who resigned this week after disputed elections, public pressure, and military pressure for him to leave.
    Kim Jong Un
    Evo Morales
  • Q5
    What nation controls most of the island of Borneo, which has seen much of its rainforest shrink because of development, farming, burning and logging?
    All of these
  • Q6
    Carrie Lam is the leader of what city, where a struggle between the government and protesters has been deepening for months?
    Hong Kong
    South Korea
  • Q7
    Name the main company involved in Project Nightingale, a controversial partnership that was first reported by the Wall Street Journal.
  • Q8
    This week in much of the United States, there were more than 300 records broken for what?
    cold temperatures
  • Q9
    St. Mark's Square, which was dramatically flooded this week by an unusually high tide, is located in what city?
    Paris, France
    Venice, Italy
  • Q10
    What health protection agency of the U.S. government issued a new report concerning "superbugs" and antibiotics?
    National Flu Center (NFU)
    Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

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