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Newton's 2nd law

Quiz by Julie Edwards

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    Which is an example of Newton's 2nd Law of Force and Acceleration
    A crash test dummy flies through the windshield in a collision
    A small rock skips a pond faster than a large rock
    A rocket taking off from Earth
  • Q2
    Which example best describes Newton’s 2nd Law?
    Paddling a canoe to make the boat move
    A large truck takes longer to slow down than a car
    Falling forward in a train that is slowing down quickly
  • Q3
    Which is an example of the law of force, mass and acceleration?
    A soccer ball accelerates faster than a bowling ball when kicked.
    Your shoulder hurts after firing a shotgun.
    Blood rushes from your head to your feet when quickly stopping on an descending elevator
  • Q4
    What is another name for Newton's 2nd Law?
    Law of Inertia
    Law of Force Mass and Acceleration
    Law of action/reaction
  • Q5
    What is the formula for the law of acceleration?
    A = F x M
    F = M x A
    M = F x A

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