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Newton's First Law of Motion

Quiz by Mary Peterson

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  • Q1
    Newton's First law of motion is also know by the law of
  • Q2
    According to Newton's first law of motion, if you were riding on a skateboard and hit the curb, you would
    break into a dance
    have nothing happen to you
    stay on the board
    fly off the board
  • Q3
    In a game of tug-of-war, if both sides are equally balanced then
    the left side would pull the rope over the line
    the right side would pull the rope over the line
    none of these answers
    the rope would not move
  • Q4
    If an object is moving on a friction- less surface it
    Will neither speed up or slow down but continue at a constant velocity
    will slow down
    will eventually stop
    will start to accelerate

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