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Quiz by Susan Coffey

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6 questions
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  • Q1
    Which of Newton's three laws does the following example illustrate? If you have a hockey puck sliding along a table, it will eventually come to a stop.
    Question Image
    Newton's Second Law
    Newton's Third Law
    Newton's First Law
  • Q2
    What is inertia?
    Question Image
    The tendency of an object to continue doing what it is currently doing.
    The opposing force of gravity.
    The mass of an object.
    Another name for unbalanced forces.
  • Q3
    Why is it harder to push a van filled with bowling balls than it is to push van filled with basketballs?
    Question Image
    The van with the basketballs is bigger than the van with the bowling balls.
    The mass of the car is greater than the mass of the basketball.
    It should be equally as hard to push the two vans.
    The mass of the bowling balls is greater than the mass of the basketballs.
  • Q4
    The amount of force needed to move an object is measured in...
  • Q5
    Devices such as seat belts and air bags are used to protect passengers from which one of Newton's Laws?
    Question Image
    Law of Action/Reaction
    Law of Acceleration
    Law of Inertia
  • Q6
    If Joe is pushing on a refrigerator with 60 N of force and Henry is pulling on the refrigerator with 70 N of force, what is the net force being applied to the refrigerator?
    130 N
    10 N
    the net force is 0 because they are moving the refrigerator in the same direction
    4200 N

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