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Next Summer

Quiz by Sandra Bartkuviene

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  • Q1

    Why does Anna say summer is her favorite season?

    Anna says she likes the rain.

    She likes summer vacation.

    She does not like autumn.

    Anna likes the temperature.

  • Q2

    What does Anna want to do after they introduce the subject?

    She wants to talk to adults.

    She wants to ask kids questions.

    Anna wants to end the show.

    Anna wants to show videos.

  • Q3

    What do Anna and Amelia like to do when they go camping?

    They sleep in a warm, comfortable bed.

    They cook, sleep, and play indoors.

    They like to go hiking and fishing.

    They like to cook and sleep.

  • Q4

    What does Anna say about the beach?

    Anna likes the beach in Washington, D.C.

    Anna does not want to go to the beach.

    She wants to go to the beach immediately.

    She likes the blue water, but does not like the beach.

  • Q5

    Why does Anna say “Maybe next summer?”

    Anna does not really want to go to the beach.

    Anna wants Amelia to go on a vacation next summer.

    She does not know where she will live next summer.

    She is sad she cannot take vacation this summer.


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