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NHD_Elemenatry_Unit_6_Listening Advanced


Grade A2
Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

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6 questions
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  • Q1

    videoq:xSUvxN2Emu0:0:64 // Which of the following is the best summary of the transcript?

    Ben is a resilient individual who has bounced back from adversity to achieve success

    Ben is a talented computer programmer who has started several successful companies.

    All the above.

    Ben is a successful entrepreneur who overcame dyslexia to achieve his goals.

  • Q2

    videoq:xSUvxN2Emu0:0:40 // At what age did Ben receive his first computer?





  • Q3

    videoq:xSUvxN2Emu0:0:40 // What caused Ben's initial wealth loss at the age of 21?

    Family issues


    The dot_com industry crash

  • Q4

    videoq:xSUvxN2Emu0:40:60 // After losing everything, what did Ben do next?

    Started another company

    Pursued a different career path

    Retired from entrepreneurship

    Focused on personal hobbies

  • Q5

    videoq:xSUvxN2Emu0:0:40 // What award did Ben receive at the age of 20?

    Business Leadership Award

    Technology Innovation Award

    Academic Excellence Award

    Young Entrepreneurship Award

  • Q6

    videoq:xSUvxN2Emu0:5:7 // What does the word "Dyslexia" mean in the sentence "He had a hard time in school because of Dyslexia, but he loved computers"?

    A learning disorder that affects reading and writing abilities

    A popular programming language

    A type of computer software


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