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NLE - INT RED - Ad Astra....Per Fābulās! (L1)

Quiz by Robynn Hecht

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8 questions
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  • Q1

    Who invented the lyre? (lines 1-2)

    Question Image





  • Q2

    What Latin phrase (lines 1-2) tells us from what the lyre was made?

    Question Image

    eius rī maximē studiōsus

    dē testudine

    inter sīdera

    Calliopēs fīliō

  • Q3

    In line 3, why did the wild beasts approach Orpheus?

    Question Image

    They wanted to accept him into their herd.

    They had already attacked his mother.

    They were charmed by his beautiful song.

    They wanted to tear him limb from limb.

  • Q4

    Where does Orpheus praise the offspring of the gods? (lines 4-5)

    Question Image

    in the Underworld

    among the stars

    on Mt. Olympus

    in the forest

  • Q5

    By his use of the phrase "ut bene scīs" on line 6, Hyginus indicates that he

    Question Image

    is criticizing the reader for their ignorance

    is deviating from the usual story

    believes the reader already knows the story

    wants the reader to pay close attention

  • Q6

    Based on the tenses of the Latin verbs in line 6, what happened first?

    Question Image

    The animals fled.

    Eurydice was forced to return to the Underworld.

    Orpheus became sad.

    Orpheus looked back.

  • Q7

    The subject of coācta est (line 6) is

    Question Image





  • Q8

    What causes the narrator to exclaim "miserābile dictū!" on line 6?

    Question Image

    the length of the song

    Eurydice's children

    the unfortunate death of wild animals

    Orpheus' mistake


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