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NLE - Intm. Read - Claudius 09

Quiz by Robynn Hecht

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14 questions
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  • Q1

    In line 1, esse is best translated

    Question Image

    had been

    will be



  • Q2

    Claudius is described by his mother Antonia as (lines 1-2)

    Question Image





  • Q3

    "Sī...dicēbat" (lines 2-3) indicate that Antonia was 

    Question Image





  • Q4

    According to lines 2-3, Antonia

    Question Image

    attacked those who criticized Claudius

    was often accused of stupidity

    tried to cover up how stupid Claudius was 

    insulted others by comparing them to Claudius

  • Q5

    "Nec...caruit" on line 4 indicates that 

    Question Image

    Claudius did not let insults bother him

    Claudius avoided those who abused him

    others tried to protect Claudius from insults

    others were constantly abusing Claudius

  • Q6

    In lines 4-5, paulō sērius is best translated

    Question Image

    habitually late

    a little too late

    always the latest

    later than usual

  • Q7

    In lines 5-6, we learn that

    Question Image

    Claudius' limping annoyed others

    Claudius had to limp around the dining room

    guests mocked Claudius pretending to limp

    all laughed at Claudius' limping

  • Q8

    Et...accidēbat (lines 6-7) indicate

    Question Image

    sleeping after dinner was socially accepted

    those around Claudius often went to sleep

    Claudius often fell asleep after dinner. 

    Claudius had difficulty sleeping after he ate

  • Q9

    How were olive pits used (lines 7-8)?

    Question Image

    they were put in Claudius' goblet

    they were thrown at Claudius

    keep guests from leaving early

    Claudius was forced to eat them

  • Q10

    A whip was used by jesters (line 8) to

    Question Image

    keep guests from leaving early

    force the guests to pay attention

    introduce the next act

    wake Claudius up

  • Q11

    What is the subject of "solēbant" (line 9)?

    Question Image

    copreīs (line 8)

    soccī (line 9)

    Claudius (line 9)

    manūs (line 9)

  • Q12

    Where did jesters put Claudius' slippers (line 9)?

    Question Image

    on his hands

    on his ears

    under the table

    over his eyes

  • Q13

    Why did they put the slippers there (lines 9-10)?

    Question Image

    so that he would touch his face with them

    so that he would not know where he was

    so that he could not find them

    so that he could not hear what was happening

  • Q14

    According to lines 10-11, Claudius became emperor in his fiftieth year

    Question Image

    because he forgave those who mistreated him

    never trusting those around him

    determined to punish his abusers

    in spite of a lifetime of abuse


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