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NLE Intro - Fabula Dē Duōbus Equīs - Story - 98

Quiz by Robynn Hecht

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8 questions
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  • Q1

    Cur duo equī in agrō erant? (lines 2-3)

    Question Image

    portam claudebant

    ad ripam currebant

    cum agricolā ludebant

    Agricolam iuvābant

  • Q2

    According to line 3, one day the farmer forgot

    Question Image

    to give the horses water

    to check the ice in the river

    to close the gate

    to give grain to the horses

  • Q3

    Lines 4-5 suggest that the story takes place in

    Question Image





  • Q4

    Regulus went toward the river and (lines 4-5)

    Question Image

    ran back to the field

    drank water

    helped the farmer

    walked on the ice

  • Q5

    Regulus fell into the water because (lines 6-7)

    Question Image

    he was being chased

    there was a crack in the ice

    Rex frightened him

    spring floods overwhelmed him

  • Q6

    What did the farmer do when he saw Regulus in the cold water (lines 7-9)?

    Question Image

    wept bitterly

    urged Regulus to get out of the water

    ran to the neighbor

    was not able to speak

  • Q7

    When the farmer realized that Regulus was losing his energy, he

    Question Image

    asked the neighbor for help

    threw a rope

    consulted the gods

    brought Rex to the bank of the river

  • Q8

    What finally brought Regulus out of the river?

    Question Image

    a rope around his neck

    the sight of his friend

    the help of all the neighbors

    intervention of the gods


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