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10 questions
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  • Q1

    How many working days are granted to any male employee whoavails of paternity leave for his 5th born child?


     7 days

     3 days

     5 days

    0 day

  • Q2

    Special emergency leave can be granted to government employee in case of natural calamities. Which condition is NOT allowed under this policy?

    A. It can be availed of to care for immediate family members affected by the calamity.

    B. It can be applied for straight 5 days or on a staggered basis.

    C. It can be availed of by affected employee within the year.

    D. It is not deductible from the employee’s leave credits.





  • Q3

    DepEd Order No. 40, s. 2012 or otherwise known as the DepEd Child Protection Policy identifies the following duties and responsibilities of school heads EXCEPT:

    A. Ensure that the school adopts a child protection policy

    B. Organize and convene the Child Protection Committee for the school

    C. Conduct disciplinary proceedings in cases of offenses committed by teachers and employees

    D. Ensure that all pupils, students or learners, school personnel, parents, guardians or custodians, and visitors and guests are made aware of child protection policy.





  • Q4

    A Grade 11 Adviser referred the case of a male learner at risk of dropping to the Office of the Principal. The adviser claims that the learner needs assistance on planning, organizing and decision-making on his career goals which she is unable to provide. Which of the following actions is appropriate to address the

    A. Refer the case to a Registered Guidance Counselor

    B. Refer the case to the designated Guidance Counselor of the school

    C. Refer the case to the Career Guidance Advocate

    D. Tell the adviser to report the case to the concern Education Program Supervisor in charge of Career Guidance Program





  • Q5

    School Heads are responsible for promoting career awareness and opportunities for the learners in their schools. Which of the following provides the policies for the conduct of the Senior  High School Career Guidance program?

    A. RA 10533

    B. RA 11206

    C. DO No. 41, s. 2015

    D. DM No. 161, s.2016





  • Q6

    What situation does a school principal setup in order to build a secure learning environment?

    A. Have school spaces and activities that free learners from physical harm or risks

    B. Cater diverse physical locations, contexts, and cultures in which students learn

    C. Have accurate and logically ordered execution of policies to maintain the school

    D. Create a positive experience for students through relationships with the entire learning community





  • Q7

    As school principal, what is the best reminder that you can give for the safety of learners while teaching-learning process takes place?

    Organize teaching to be more engaging to encourage students to do their best.

     Accident can be mitigated by reminding the learners of the safety precautions.

    Learners accomplish little from the objectives set if they do not cooperate with their teacher

    Set a good example to show respect to others even in school properties.

  • Q8

    Which of the following instances shows the maximum use of school learning environment?

    Teacher B uses the school garden in teaching photosynthesis.


    Teacher A prepares activities promoting meaningful learning.

    Teacher C sets clear expectations before he started the discussion.


  • Q9

    What is the importance of imposing positive and non-violent discipline among learners in creating a good learning environment?

     It prevents learners to be subjected to disciplinary actions

    It gives learners chance to test teachers’ control over the class

     It shows fair play in applying the rules in the classroom

    It makes learners feel good about themselves

  • Q10

    Why does a school principal ensure that teachers are knowledgeable in applying positive and non-violent discipline?


     To ensure that parents be free from complaints and other school-related problems

    To make teachers link the learners’ social knowledge and behavior structure

    To equip learners with knowledge and skills to build their sense of community

    To provide stakeholders’ maximum participation in the learning process


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