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Now hear this!

Quiz by Andrea Catalina Nensthiel Orjuela

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9 questions
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  • Q1
    In the reading Now Hear This! the Mosquito is
    An insect that makes a sound.
    A machine to repel kids.
    A new radio station with classical music.
    A machine to attract adults.
  • Q2
    This is not true about the Mosquito
    It makes an irritating high/pitched noise.
    Kids can hear the annoying sound, but adults cannot.
    It was invented in 2005
    Parents could use the device to keep their kids awake.
  • Q3
    Which of the following options is not true about sound
    It needs a medium to travel.
    It cannot travel through liquids.
    It is produced by a vibration.
    It travels on waves.
  • Q4
    What is true about low-pitched sounds?
    They have a low frequency. The noise travels in a few waves per second.
    They have a high frequency. The noise travels in many waves per second.
  • Q5
    The mosquito produces
    a low-pitched sound.
    a high-pitched sound.
  • Q6
    The reason that older people can´t hear The Mosquito is
    Older people hear the Mosquito perfectly .
    They have older ears.
    They have healthy hair cells in their ears.
    They don´t hang around close to stores.
  • Q7
    Sound Frequency is measured in units called
    Degrees Celsius
  • Q8
    Who hears better among humans, dogs, cats and elephants?
  • Q9
    What is not true about the Mosquito tone or the Teen Buzz
    Only kids can hear it.
    Teachers and parents are deaf to it.
    It is a cellphone ringtone for kids and teenagers.
    It is used by grandmas and grandpas that have problems finding their cell-phones.

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