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Quiz by Samuel Arellano Quiroz

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100 questions
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  • Q1
    It is an open presentation to stakeholders of school accountability such as fiscal and material resources as well as school records among others.
    Community Ownership or Shared Governance
    Shared Mission
    Shared Decision making
  • Q2
    The PTA officers of STA Isabel HS was able to provide ten(10) LED TV’s for the school. What is the right action to pay back the goodness of your stakeholders?
    Treat them to a dinner with your teachers
    Give them some token of appreciation from the school
    Recognize stakeholder s accomplishments and contributions in the Division Gawad Parangal
    recognize stakeholders accomplishments and contributions annually thru a stakeholder‘s night
  • Q3
    when an employee is transferred to a job with lesser significance authority and responsibility, it is known as a _______
    lateral move
  • Q4
    Among the terms used to define quality education, which of the following does belong to the group?
  • Q5
    A service credits may be granted to the following activities:except...
    services rendered in connection with early opening of the school year
    services rendered during calamity and rehabilitation when schools are used as evacuations centers
    services rendered in connection with the conduct of remedial classes during the summer or Christmas vacation or outside of regular school days.
    services rendered during registration and election days as long these are mandated duties under existing laws.
  • Q6
    What is the ideal time allotment for administrative and instructional supervision?
    50% 50%
    75% 25%
    30% 70%
    70% 30%
  • Q7
    Which of the following is less evil? A teacher had to collect money from parents to defray expenses of an elaborate Graduation Program.
    ask children to deposit half of their money for recess to the teacher
    teach children to find means and ways to get the amount of money needed
    present simple program to cut down on expenses
    request rich parents to start the collection and serve as model for the poor parents
  • Q8
    A child-friendly school is said to be inclusive, gendersensitive and non-discriminating if it manifest positive traits except for one.
    reats all children equally, regardless of gender, social status, cultural origin or religious belief
    does tolerate physical punishment on children .
    does not turn away any child from enrolling and attending classes for whatever reason.
    gives boys and girls equal learning opportunities.
  • Q9
    The main building facing the front gate should be at least how many meters from the gate?
    20 meters
    10 meters
    15 meters
  • Q10
    The following are the specific guidelines for schoolmanaged canteens on the designation of Canteen Teacher except for one?
    He /She is tasked to supervise canteen operations for a period not exceeding three (3) hours per day.
    The school head/principal shall issue a written designation to a Home Economics teacher who shall be the Canteen Teacher
    The rest of the required number of hours in a day‘s load shall be spent in supervising the canteen.
    The Canteen Teacher shall be assisted by all Home Economics Teachers on rotation basis, the schedule of which shall be prepared by the school head/principal or his/her authorized representative.
  • Q11
    Is the practice of filing a leave of absence after the teacher has been absent correct? I. at least one (1) day or more must be filed in advance II. Five (5) days from the date of the intended leave of absence III. at least one (1) week or more must be f
    I, IV
    I, III
    III, IV
    I, II
  • Q12
    Ms. Hall, a teacher I for ten (10) years files for a monetary claim and seeks conversion of her leave credit to its equivalent in cash. May her claim be allowed by the division office?
    Maybe if she was designated as property custodian of their school
    No. Teachers are only entitled to the proportional vacation pay
    No. Ms. Hall claim is not allowed in her position as a teacher
    Yes. Provided she rendered continuous service in a school year
  • Q13
    Mrs. Datar was ordered by her principal to school come on four consecutive Saturdays for the training of the students’ editorial staff of their school paper. Is this allowed under R. A 4670?
    Yes, because it‘s part of the teacher‘s other duties
    No, because it‘s not within the regular functions of the classroom teacher
    Yes, provided the teacher is compensated
    No, because it‘s not clearly indicated in the law.
  • Q14
    What would be the penalty for students that causes misdemeanors against public order or safety outside the school and under the influence of alcohol?
    be brought to their residence or to any barangay official at the barangay hall
    call the principal and adviser for counseling
    Send them to police precinct to be jailed
    No penalty shall be imposed
  • Q15
    Maintenance staff was formally charged of insubordination after a prima facie case was established during the preliminary investigation. In that, what does a formal charge contain aside from the statement of relevant facts accompanied by certified true co
    Motion to suspend proceedings on account of pending cases
    directive to answer under oath of the charges in writing
    Sworn statement of the testimony of the witnesses
    List of appointed investigator who shall conduct the fact finding investigation

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