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NQESH Mock I (Exclusive)

Quiz by zammysoza

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200 questions
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  • Q1
    What is the purpose of a child-friendly education program? The school has a policy against discrimination with respect to ethnicity, ethnic heritage, socioeconomic class, religious views, among others.
    Encourage the interest of children in the school and society
    Encourage completion and registration
    Ensuring high academic achievement and progress for children
    Ensuring safe and secure places for children
  • Q2
    A school can be considered child-friendly if, but for one, it manifests all of the following traits?
    Accept plurality, practice tolerance and overcome conflicts as they respect the interests of others,
    If, for whatever cause, it prohibits any kid from enrolling and attending classes.
    When it encourages them to become members of their culture and society who are responsible and efficient.
    If an organization acknowledges and supports the range of children's rights
  • Q3
    It is said that a child-friendly school with children is effective when it focuses on children. What best describes a school that is child-centered?
    There is no clear curriculum that addresses both the learning needs of the child and those of the community and society.
    Discourages kids to think and decide questions for themselves and does not entertain their opinions
    The child has the best interest in all his learning activities in mind.
    Uses teaching techniques that are appropriate to advance students in the batch
  • Q4
    Referring to mobilizing community support for education in Goal 7 of a child-friendly school, which is not true of the following?
    Your school invites parents to discuss the learning experiences and progress of their children with their teachers.
    In order to identify children who are physically or sexually abused or are made to do hard physical labor, school coordinates with Barangay institutions
    Your school requires the people of the community to raise learning funds and resources.
    In conducting literacy programs for illiterate parents, your school takes the lead.
  • Q5
    What of the above is not an inclusive, gender-sensitive and non-discriminating Child-Friendly School?
    Encourage children to consider and decide for themselves, to ask questions and to share their views.
    Use training approaches suitable to the age, skills and learning practices of the infant.
    Gives boys and girls unequal learning opportunities, unequally threatens children irrespective of gender, social status, religious conviction and cultural origin
    It has a program that meets the learning interests of the child as well as those of the community and culture.

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