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Quiz by Dan Joven Brinas

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  • Q1

    Which is true about RA 10533 or the Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013?

    Two years of SHS were added to broaden the goals of high school education

    It provided for the establishment and maintenance of an integrated system of education

    The governance of basic education was enacted which empowered the principals

    Day Care Education became mandatory for all learners.

  • Q2

    It is an award given by the school to the learners who have represented and/ or won in the competitions at the districts, division, regional, national or international levels

    Grade-Level Award

    Performance Award

    Special Recognition

    Classroom Award

  • Q3

    This program provides services for learners with disabilities.

    Program for the Gifted

    Special Science Elementary School

    Special Program in the Arts

    Special Education Program

  • Q4

    Learning competencies (LC) refer to the knowledge, understanding, skills, and attitudes that students need to demonstrate in  every lesson and/or learning activity. Which of the following is an example of learning competency?

    Describes the graph of linear equation in terms of its intercepts and slopes

    Demonstrates understanding of key concept of linear equations in two variables

    Is able to formulate real life problems involving linear equations in two variables

    Mathematics VIII Learner’s Materials pages 187 - 188


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