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50 questions
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  • Q1
    The following are not procurement activities under RA 9184 except
    participation in local or foreign scholarships
    hiring a job order
    repeat orders of office supplies
    lease of government owned property
  • Q2
    Refer to articles which are not consumed in use and ordinarily retain their original identity during the period of use, whose serviceable life is more than one (1) year and which add to the assets of the GoP
    infra project
    Non-expenable supplies
    repeat orders
  • Q3
    if a ratee gets NOT OBSERVED remarks in his COT, what will be his final rating
  • Q4
    According to RA 11476, GMRC shall be taugh t in what grades?
    grades 1-6
    grades 4-6
    kinder to g6
    grades 3-5
  • Q5
    Values Education shall be taught as a core subject in what grades
    grades 9-12
    grades 7-10
    grades 6-10
  • Q6
    What approach will be used by the school for the effective teaching of GMRC and Values Education as core subjects
    whole school approach
    peer teaching
  • Q7
    Republic Act No. 10533, or the "Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013" mandates the preservation of GABALDON Buildings
  • Q8
    RA 11190 created a specialized high school
    Phil Science High School
    Phil HS for Sports
    Bataan High School for the Arts
    Phil HS for the Arts
  • Q9
    RA 11510 or the ALS law mandates the creation of a bureau in DepED
    Alternative Sytem
    Alternative Education
  • Q10
    Which of the following is not part of the mandate of the PTA?
    Operating a canteen/school supplies store, or being a concessionaire thereof inside the school or nearby premises, or offering these services to the school as its client whether directly or indirectly
    Interfering in the academic and administrative management and operations of the school, and of the DepEd in general.
    All of the above
    Engaging in any partisan political
  • Q11
    The school head may be compared to an orchestra conductor. Why is this so?
    He engages the community to create shared responsibility for students and the school.
    He is an active participant in staff development.
    He visits classroom.
    He/she leads in developing and pursuing academic goals that the school needs to achieve.
  • Q12
    This explores the mindset of learning leaders to take bold steps in altering the school into a learning organization and creating a school culture and climate conducive to learning.
    The School Head as Curriculum Leader
    The School Head as Instructional Leader
    The School Head as a Transformational Leader and Chief Learning Officer
    The School Head as Chief Executive Officer
  • Q13
    This core function of leadership represents the school in the community, developing capital, tending to public relations, recruiting students, buffering and mediating external interests, and advocating for the school interests.
    Strategic Leadership
    Cultural Leadership
    Micropolitical Leadership
    External Development Leadership
  • Q14
    Only Good teachers using Assertive Style can handle discipline problems on their own except for one statement?
    Teacher specifies rules of behavior and the consequences for disobeying them
    The students for it allows them to develop their best traits, skills and abilities
    The students are not allowed to forget who is in charge of the classroom
    The teacher gives them feedback and hold them accountable for providing rewards and penalties
  • Q15
    Recognition for Perfect Attendance is given at the end of every quarter to encourage learners to attend and actively participate in class except for one?
    A learner must be present in all of his/her classes regardless of tardiness
    Learners who are representing the school for various purposes
    must have no absences for the entire quarter
    Perfect attendance means that a learner must be present in all of his/her classes

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