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  • Q1

    He was awarded as the CNN Hero of 2009 because of Kariton Classroom.

    Patricia Non

    Gina Lopez

            Efren Bata Reyes

    Efren Penaflorida

  • Q2

    Which of the following is not related to the word volunteerism?

    Act of service

    Free labor

    Act of selflessness


  • Q3

    What volunteer work involves helping the environment?

    Coastal Clean-up drive

    Community Pantry

    Feeding program

    Community library

  • Q4

    What volunteer work helps vulnerable individuals stabilize their lives through housing and supportive services?

    Environmental Justice

    Social Justice

    Animal care league

    Education and Literacy

  • Q5

    Which principle in Project Management Principles clearly defines team responsibilities, encouragement, and promotes communication?

    Principle 4

    Principle 2

    Principle 1

    Principle 3

  • Q6

    Choose the most appropriate answer to match Ecological Protection of Diversity.

    Social health

    Environmental health

    Sustainable health

    Education and Literacy

  • Q7

    Volunteer program that supports people who have mental illness and their family


    Health and well-being

    After school volunteer mentor

    Animal care league

     Intimate partner violence

  • Q8

    How can you help by volunteering?

    You can help a person in need out, but they pay foryour lunch

    You can help a person in need out, for no cost andnot to their benefit

    You can help a person in need out, for double the price and a 2-for-1 deal

    You can help a person in need out, for no cost and to their benefit

  • Q9

     Which of the following is not volunteerism act?

    Someone who does work at an orphanage                                                           

    Someone who does the scam

    Centre which is run by a group of dedicated volunteers

    From various organizations that are working to save the lives of the earthquake


  • Q10

    It refers to an educational approach where a student learns theories in the classroom and at the same time volunteers with an agency and engages in reflection activities to deepen their understanding of what is being taught.

    Service Plan

               Service Project

    Service Learning

               Service Education

  • Q11

    This service-learning project includes doing something behind the scene to help such as fund-raising, and environmental studies.

    Direct Service

    Educational Literacy

    Indirect Service


  • Q12

       This service-learning project can take the form of students writing letters to government officials, demonstrating in a picket line, or educating others about possible policy changes.

    Indirect Service

               Direct Service



  • Q13

    What community partner provides students in shelterswith resources and encouragement needed to succeed academically, despite the challenges of homelessness?

    Hopes for kids

    Civic engagement

    Arts, culture, and museum

    Community Library

  • Q14

    Volunteer Program Strategy is an essential communication tool that any volunteer ____________ can use when advocating or promoting a program to various stakeholders.





  • Q15

    The three key questions of Volunteer Program addresses is concerned with or connected to the following, except ______________.

               Goal or Purpose

    Goal or Purpose





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