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16 questions
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  • Q1
    How was your day (so far)?
    Awesome Now!
    Just Started
  • Q2
    What does the command "NSLog([NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@ %@",@"Hello",@"11",@"Zzish"]);" generate?
    Zzish Hello
    Hello Zzish
    Hello 11
    11 Zzish
  • Q3
    What does the command Log.d("Zzish", "Hello %@"); generate?
    D/Zzish﹕ Hello %@
    D/Zzish﹕ Hello Zzish
    Zzish Hello
    Hello Zzish
  • Q4
    What does the command "$(".field ").show();" do
    Show the first tag with class "field"
    Show all divs with with id "field"
    Show all fields
    Show all tags with a class of "field"
  • Q5
    What did you know about Zzish before coming?
    First encounter
    Who are you?
    Read your site
    Am following you
  • Q6
    What does the command "$("#field").hide();" do
    Hide all fields
    Hide the first tag with id "field"
    Hide all tags with an id of "field"
    Hide all divs with with id "field"
  • Q7
    What does the following jade command generate "input.id1.id2#class1(val='2')"
    <input id="class1" value="2" class="id1 id2">
    <input id="class1" val="2" class="id1 id2">
    <input id="id1" value="2" class="class1">
    <input id="class1" val="2">
  • Q8
    What kind of padding does the following do? .p1 { padding: 3px 4px 10px" }
    Top 3px, Right 4px, Bottom 10px
    Bottom 3px, Top 4px, Left and Right 10px
    Top 3px, Bottom 4px, Left and Right 10px
    Top 3px, Left and Right 4px,Bottom 10px
  • Q9
    How is JavaScript related to Java?
    They were both invented by the Java the Hutt
    JavaScript is derived from Java
    No Relation
    Java is derived from JavaScript
  • Q10
    npm install -save -g zzishsdk
    Install for current project
    install zzishsdk globally and for current project
    Install zzishsdk globally only
    Doesn't work
  • Q11
    How good are you designs
    I'm not a great designer
    I can make good websites with the help of a designer
    My websites look amazing
    What's Design?
  • Q12
    What does the following Java Spring Annotation do '@RequestMapping(value = "/hello", method = RequestMethod.POST)'
    Return Hello when this method receives a POST
    Doesn't do anything
    Set the method to reject a POST request at /hello
    Set the method to accept a POST request at /hello
  • Q13
    What does "System.out.print('Hello')" do?
    Print 33431 with no carriage return
    Print Hello and carriage return
    Compilation Error
    Print Hello with No Carriage Return
  • Q14
    What does the following do 'button.btn.btn-primary.btn-block(ng-click="login.login();", ng-disabled="login.checkCanSubmit()")#LoginButton"
    The button is disabled if the function checkCanSubmit() returns false
    The button is disabled if the function checkCanSubmit() returns true
    The button calls login method of the $scope
    The button doesn't work
  • Q15
    What does '$("#LoginButton").html("Login with Zzish");' do
    Set the button html with class LoginButton to Login with Zzish
    Set the button class with id LoginButton to 'Login with Zzish'
    Set the button html with id LoginButton to 'Login'
    Set the button html with id LoginButton to 'Login with Zzish'

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