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Number the Stars Final Test

Quiz by Catherine Foote

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18 questions
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  • Q1
    What was evidence that life in Copenhagen had changed now that the Nazis were occupying the country?
    There were shortages of supplies like coffee, butter, and fuel.
    There were battles in the streets.
    The Nazis stole people's homes.
    All of the schools were closed.
  • Q2
    What is the Star on Ellen's necklace a symbol of?
    a symbol for the Nazi party
    a symbol of the Jewish religion
    a symbol of the Danish resistance
    a symbol for the North Star
  • Q3
    Why did the Johansens take the girls to Uncle Henrik's house?
    Uncle Henrik knew Ellen.
    Uncle Henrik's house was in the country.
    Uncle Henrik could provide them with cream and butter.
    Uncle Henrik could take the Rosens to Sweden.
  • Q4
    Which statement below is evidence that Papa was a quick thinker when the Nazis questioned him?
    He shows the soldiers the birth certificate.
    He shows them a picture of Lise as a baby.
    He told them that the kids were sleeping.
    He gives them their passports.
  • Q5
    Why was Great-Aunt Birte important to their plan?
    She frightened the soldiers.
    She was the reason for all the people to be at Uncle Henrik's house.
    She lived in Sweden.
    She was well-loved by everyone who knew her.
  • Q6
    How did mama fool the Nazi soldiers at Uncle Henrik's house?
    She said she was sure that the soldiers wouldn't be afraid to open it.
    She said that the doctors said it should be closed because Aunt Birte died of typhus.
    She said that they hadn't had milk or cheese since the Nazis had come to Denmark.
    She told them that the casket was filled with blankets and sweaters.
  • Q7
    How did the packet that Peter gave to Mr. Rosen add to the conflict in the story?
    The dogs ate the packet before Annemarie could get it to the boat.
    Uncle Henrik didn't understand what the packet was for.
    Annemarie had to get it to Uncle Henrik's boat before the Nazis got there.
    The soldiers took the packet from Annemarie.
  • Q8
    Why did Annemarie take the path through the woods instead of using the road?
    The soldiers didn't know about the path.
    It was the shortest route to the boat.
    She knew the path well and knew it would get her there quickly.
    It was less likely that she would be seen.
  • Q9
    After the war had ended
    Peter moved in with the Johansens.
    The Danes were upset that the Nazis had left the country.
    Uncle Henrik found a wife and got married.
    Annemarie asked Papa to fix Ellen's necklace.
  • Q10
    One true event from the novel is that
    The Danes smuggled out most of the Jewish population from Denmark.
    Peter was executed for being in the Resistance.
    The Nazis blew up the entire Danish Naval Fleet.
    Annemarie was a real girl who lived in Denmark during WWII.
  • Q11
    By the end of the story, Annemarie realized that
    bravery isn't what she thought it would be.
    she and Ellen would grow apart.
    Kirsti would never find out what had really happened during WWII.
    her parents were not the people she thought they were.
  • Q12
    One possible theme we could learn by reading this novel is that
    bravery is something for only those people who are real heroes.
    we are often capable of more than we think.
    everyone should be brave no matter what.
    it is easy to be brave when faced with a challenge.
  • Q13
    How do Annemarie and Kirsti's characters contrast?
    Kirsti is unpredictable and Annemarie is more thoughtful and mature.
    Kirsti loves fireworks but Annemarie hates them.
    Kirsti causes many family problems and Annemarie doesn't.
    Annemarie hates to run but Kirsti loves it.
  • Q14
    One way the Danish people tried to fight against the Nazis was by
    smuggling Jews out of Denmark
    surrendering to the Nazis
    closing all the schools
    hiding sugar and butter from the Nazis
  • Q15
    What statement below shows how the Danish people felt about King Christian X?
    They would cause problems for the Nazis.
    They would all be his bodyguard.
    They would protect their Jewish neighbors.
    They would blow up their own Navy.

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