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Nursing 1220- Pain

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  • Q1
    Which of the following nursing interventions for a client in pain is based on gate-control theory?
    Giving the patient a back massage
    Giving the patient pain medication
    Changing the patient's position in bed
    Limiting the number of visitors
  • Q2
    A priority nursing intervention when caring for a client who is receiving an epidural infusion for pain is to
    monitor vital signs every 15 minutes
    Label the port as an epidural catheter
    Avoid supplemental doses of sedatives
    Use aseptic technique
  • Q3
    The nurse should describe pain that is causing the client a "burning sensation in the epigastric region" as
    deep or visceral
    superficial or cutaneous
  • Q4
    Which of the following is most appropriate when the nurse assesses the intensity of the client's pain?
    ask about what precipitates the pain
    question the client about the location of the pain
    use open-ended questions to find out about the sensation
    offer the client a pain scale
  • Q5
    The nurse on the post-operative care unit is assessing the quality of the client's pain. In order to obtain this specific information about the pain experience from the client, the nurse should ask
    what does your discomfort feel like?
    how much does it hurt on a scale of 1-10
    how much discomfort are you able to tolerate?
    what activities make the pain worse?
  • Q6
    When a client's husband questions how a patient-controlled-analgesia (PCA) pump works, the nurse explains that the client
    controls the route for administering the medication
    may request the type of medication received
    has control over the frequency of the IV analgesia
    can choose the dosage of the drug received
  • Q7
    An older client with mild musculoskeletal pain is being seen by the primary care provider. The nurse anticipates that treatment of this client's level of discomfort will include
    meperidine hydrochloride
  • Q8
    The nurse knows that a PCA pump would be most appropriate for the client who
    recently experienced a CVA
    is recovering from a total hip replacement
    experiences renal dysfunction
    has psychogenic discomfort
  • Q9
    A client with chronic back pain has an order for a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation unit (TENS) for pain control. The nurse should instruct the client to
    use the therapy without medication
    remove the electrodes at bedtime
    use the unit when pain is perceived
    keep the unit on high
  • Q10
    The nurse caring for a terminally ill patient with liver cancer understands which of the following goals would be most appropriate?
    withhold analgesics because they are not effective in relieving discomfort
    increasingly administer narcotics to oversedate the client and thereby decrease the pain
    adapt the analgesics as the nursing assessment reveals the need for specific medications
    continue to change the analgesics until the right narcotic is found that completely alleviates the pain
  • Q11
    The client is experiencing breakthrough pain while receiving opioids. An order is written for the client to receive a transmucosal fentanyl unit. In teaching about this medication. the nurse should instruct the client
    allow the unit to dissolve slowly in the mouth over 15 minutes or more
    not to chew the unit after administration
    take no more than two units per episode of discomfort
    swab the unit over cheeks
  • Q12
    Which of the following statements by the nurse reflects a need for immediate follow-up regarding the physical effects of chronic pain on bodily function?
    please take his pulse and blood pressure and let me know if they are elevated above his normal baselines
    unmanaged pain usually manifests itself in both an elevated pulse and blood pressure
    his pulse and blood pressure are within normal limits so I'm sure the pain medication is working
    if his pulse and blood pressure are above his normal baseline, let me know and I will medicate him for pain
  • Q13
    The greatest barrier to a 3 year old client's ability to self-assess her pain is
    increased separation anxiety
    a limited vocabulary
    inability to grasp the concept of pain
    reluctance to talk to strangers
  • Q14
    The home care nurse notes that a 67 year old female diabetic client's blood glucose level has been elevated since she strained her back the previous week. The client states that she cannot understand why her blood glucose level is elevated. The nurse suspects that the most likely cause is
    parasympathetic stimulation from the body's normal response to pain
    the client may not be taking her medication as ordered
    the client is consuming more food as a comfort measure
    the decreased activity level of the client since the injury
  • Q15
    In creating a plan of care for a newly diagnosed breast cancer client, the nurse is concerned about pain control. The client has expressed an interest in relaxation therapy as a complimentary pain therapy. The nurse knows that the best time to teach the client is
    when the client is comfortable
    immediately preceding surgery
    before giving pain medication to evaluate if the complimentary therapy works
    immediately following the client's mastectomy

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