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NY Regents ELA - June 2017 Full

Quiz by Christopher Merryman

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  • Q1
    Passage A A primary function of the first paragraph is to
    identify preferences of the narrator's aunt
    reveal flaws in the narrator's character
    establish the reason for the meeting
    create an atmosphere of mystery
  • Q2
    Passage A In lines 1 through 9, the commentary about the letter implies that the narrator believes his uncle is
    uncomfortable with changes
    angry with his wife
    disappointed at his decision
    careless about details
  • Q3
    Passage A The details in lines 13 through 20 suggest that in her youth Aunt Georgiana was
    intelligent yet impulsive
    compassionate yet critical
    courageous yet hesitant
    resourceful yet cautious
  • Q4
    Passage A Line 27, "For thirty years my aunt had not been farther than fifty miles from the homestead" reinforces a sense of
  • Q5
    Passage A Which statement from the passage best explains the narrator's "reverential affection" (line 29) for his Aunt Georgiana?
    "Her lip quivered and she hastily put her handkerchief up to her mouth" (line 64)
    "I never knew how far it bore her, or past what happy islands" (line 68)
    "It was to her, at her ironing or mending, that I read my first Shakspere" (line 34)
    " 'Don't love it so well, Clark, or it may be taken from you' " (lines 42 and 43)
  • Q6
    Passage A Lines 36 through 38 develop a central theme by
    implying that Aunt Georgiana missed having music in her life
    emphasizing the role of discipline in developing Aunt Georgiana's musical talent
    suggesting that the narrator resented his music lessons
    recalling the husband's generosity in supporting the narrator's music lessons
  • Q7
    Passage A In line 39, when the narrator states that he "understood why," he is implying that his Aunt Georgiana
    realized what she had given up
    needed some recognition of her ability
    avoided talking about his musical skills
    knew little about current musical trends
  • Q8
    Passage A Lines 47 through 52 contribute to a central idea by depicting Aunt Georgiana's
    fixation on painful memories
    desire for cultural experiences
    fear of future separations
    concern for daily responsibilities
  • Q9
    Passage A The author's choice of how to end the story (lines 73 through 78) places emphasis on Aunt Georgiana's
    bleak future
    domestic skills
    unusual lifestyle
    hostile attitude
  • Q10
    Passage A Which quotation best reflects the narrator's realization resulting from Aunt Georgiana's visit?
    "there came to me an overwhelming sense of the waste and wear we are so powerless to combat" (lines 56 and 57)
    "At two o'clock the Symphony Orchestra was to give a Wagner program, and I intended to take my aunt" (lines 44 and 45)
    "He requested me to meet her at the station and render her whatever services might be necessary" (lines 6 and 7)
    "sound poured on and on; I never knew what she found in the shining current of it" (lines 67 and 68)
  • Q11
    Passage B The poet's purpose in referencing "Highway 99" in line 2 is most likely to establish
    an understanding of the narrator's difficult childhood
    a connection with the narrator's cultural heritage
    an emphasis on the region's diverse landscape
    a criticism of the valley's agricultural economy
  • Q12
    Passage B The second stanza reveals that the narrator's overall point of view is influenced by
    his nostalgia for farm life
    the expectations of his family
    the labor of his relatives
    his experience working on farms
  • Q13
    Passage B The personification in lines 23 through 29 stresses history's desire to be
  • Q14
    Passage B The figurative language in lines 33 and 34 implies the narrator
    understands that his future will have challenges
    anticipates that his new life will be successful
    regrets leaving his past behind
    thinks he made the wrong decision
  • Q15
    Passage C The first paragraph conveys a sense of

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