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NY Released Regents Exam - US History and Government (Jan 2019)

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High School
Social Studies
New York Learning Standards

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High School
Social Studies
New York Learning Standards


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50 questions
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  • Q1
    Which geographic feature was most important for the development of commerce in the New England and middle colonies?
    mountainous terrain
    limited rainfall
    long growing season
    natural harbors
  • Q2
    Britain ended the practice of salutary neglect following the French and Indian War (1754-1763) which directly contributed to the
    colonial protests of Americans against new taxes
    end of the African slave trade
    refusal of France to give up Canada
    increased conflict with Spain along the Mississippi River
  • Q3
    The Northwest Ordinance (1787) and the Homestead Act (1862) both refl ected the national government's policy of
    protecting the tribal lands of Native American Indians
    expanding slavery onto the Great Plains
    encouraging the settlement of frontier lands
    purchasing land from foreign countries
  • Q4
    The primary aim of the writers of the United States Constitution was to
    weaken the independence of the judiciary
    preserve the supremacy of the states
    eliminate the bicameral legislature
    strengthen the power of the central government
  • Q5
    What reason does Mercy Otis Warren give for the position she stated concerning the executive and legislative branches?
    Question Image
    The United States Constitution would benefit only a wealthy few.
    The duties of the president and of Congress were not clearly separated.
    The thirteen states could never agree on important issues.
    Federal courts were a threat to individual liberty
  • Q6
    Which remedy has been proposed to correct a problem identified by the author concerning elected offices?
    Question Image
    term limits on members of Congress
    campaign spending restrictions
    expansion of the civil service system
    direct election of the president
  • Q7
    Which area of the United States showed the strongest support for ratification of the Constitution?
    Question Image
    mountain areas in the South
    farming areas in western New York and Pennsylvania
    frontier areas west of the Appalachian Mountains
    coastal areas near the Atlantic Ocean
  • Q8
    The power of the president to veto laws and the power of the House of Representatives to impeach are examples of
    the unwritten constitution
    executive privilege
    checks and balances
  • Q9
    As stated in the United States Constitution, which group is directly elected by the people?
    Supreme Court justices
    presidential cabinet members
    members of the House of Representatives
    political party leaders
  • Q10
    Which trend about the population of the United States is most clearly implied by the information in the table?
    Question Image
    States with warmer climates had larger population increases than those in other regions of the United States.
    Life expectancy increased in the South and in the West, but decreased in other regions.
    Voter turnout increased in the North and in the East.
    The rural percentage of the population increased throughout the 20th century.
  • Q11
    Which statement most accurately describes the principle of federalism?
    Power is shared by the two political parties.
    The ultimate power is given to the voters
    States have the power to review national laws
    Power is divided between the national and state governments
  • Q12
    The purchase of the Louisiana Territory in 1803 was supported by farmers in Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee primarily because they wanted to
    end conflicts with Mexico on the western frontier
    gain unrestricted access to the Mississippi River and the port of New Orleans
    secure an easier route for transporting their products to the Pacific Coast
    end the practice of slavery
  • Q13
    The Supreme Court decisions in McCulloch v. Maryland (1819) and in Gibbons v. Ogden (1824) resulted in
    large land grants for Native American Indians
    an increase in the power of the federal government over state governments
    an expansion of the rights of African Americans
    greater state regulation of business activities
  • Q14
    In the first half of the 19th century, canal building was important to economic growth because canals
    could be used in all seasons of the year
    allowed faster transport of farm and industrial products
    charged lower rates than the transcontinental railroad
    provided access to free homesteads in the West
  • Q15
    The victory of Andrew Jackson in the presidential election of 1828 was aided by
    implementing woman's suffrage
    the support of eastern bankers
    the endorsement of northern abolitionists
    reducing property qualifi cations for voting
  • Q16
    Which 19th-century phrase best describes the overall efforts of the United States to expand westward to the Pacifi c Ocean?
    "Remember the Alamo"
    "Bleeding Kansas"
    "Remember the Maine"
    "Manifest Destiny"
  • Q17
    Which action was an attempt by southern state governments after the Civil War to limit the rights of African Americans?
    impeachment of President Andrew Johnson
    ratification of the 13th amendment
    implementation of the Black Codes
    establishment of the Freedmen's Bureau
  • Q18
    Political rights for women grew most rapidly on the western frontier primarily because
    immigrants settling in the West brought ideals of gender equality from Europe
    pioneer life often required men and women to share responsibilities equally
    the settlers were influenced by Native American Indian societies
    women greatly outnumbered men in the West
  • Q19
    The formation of business monopolies in the late 1800s was made possible by the
    effects of laissez-faire policies
    passage of federal antitrust laws
    elimination of the free-enterprise system
    adoption of socialist economic practices
  • Q20
    Which pairing matches a 19th-century business leader with the industry he developed?
    John D. Rockefeller-oil
    Cornelius Vanderbilt-textile
    J. P. Morgan-sugar
    Andrew Carnegie-meatpacking

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