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  • Q1

    How does Miss Delicious’s message in paragraph 11 affect Brianna?

    It makes her want to have a career as a chef.

    It teaches her the value of leadership.

    It inspires her to become class president.

    It changes her mind about taking on responsibilities.

  • Q2

    What is the meaning of “obvious” as the narrator uses it in paragraph 16 of the story?

    supported by friends and family

    interesting to other people

    easy to see and understand

    something everyone expects to happen

  • Q3

    Which evidence best supports Brianna’s claim in paragraph 4 about making good things happen?

    “. . . she didn’t think any of her success would have been possible had it not been for the skills . . .” (paragraph 9)

    “Think about what you want, decide how you plan to get it, then write it down . . .”(paragraph 6)

    “And I could just see me making my acceptance speech . . .” (paragraph 23)

    “. . . the election wasn’t just for each fifth-grade class to have its own president.”(paragraph 19)

  • Q4

    Which theme is supported by details in paragraphs 20 through 23?

    Family helps each other overcome challenges.

    Leaders need to be able to communicate their ideas.

    Success is often better than people think it will be.

    Reaching one goal can give you the confidence to set others.

  • Q5

    How are paragraphs 24 through 26 important to the story?

    They reveal the effect of Brianna’s careful planning in the story.

    They introduce a second problem that Brianna faces in the story.

    They give background information about the main character in the story.

    They provide a resolution to the main conflict in the story.

  • Q6

    How is Jasmine Moon most likely similar to Brianna in the story?

    Jasmine Moon is interested in being active and participating in social events, showing that she is most likely eager and curious like Brianna.

    Jasmine Moon wears her hair in a way that covers her face, showing that she is most likely shy and quiet like Brianna.

    Jasmine Moon is new to the school and decides to run for class president, showing that she is most likely confident and determined like Brianna.

    Jasmine Moon gets along with her teacher quickly when she arrives at school, showing that she is most likely kind and friendly like Brianna.

  • Q7

    How does Brianna’s point of view influence how events in the story are described?

    Brianna is sure of herself, making her aims in the story seem reasonable and achievable.

    Brianna talks in detail about the work she does, making her seem lonely and quiet.

    Brianna talks in detail about her aunt and her idol, making her seem wise and curious.

    Brianna does everything for herself, making her aims in the story seem selfish and smug.

  • Q8

    What is the best meaning of the word “values” as it is used in paragraph 4 of the article?





  • Q9

    What is the main way the phrase “a prickly situation” in paragraph 6 helps the reader understand the article?

    by highlighting the idea that objects often had different values

    by indicating that some commodities were rarely useful to all people

    by showing that some commodities were often difficult to find

    by providing a reason why a common money system was necessary

  • Q10

    How do the details in paragraphs 5 through 8 help develop a central idea of the article?

    by comparing money in ancient cultures with the money that people use today

    by describing how the process of making coins has changed very little over time

    by showing how different people tried to develop effective systems of money

    by explaining why different objects were often considered to be valuable

  • Q11

    Read this sentence from paragraph 3 of the article.

        Ancient people needed something with a value everyone agreed on—money.

    Which detail from the article describes the most important feature of money?

    “Heavy strings of coins could now be exchanged for a single sheet of paper.”(paragraph 10)

    “It had to be valuable to everyone, easy to carry, and hard to destroy.” (paragraph 7)

    “A deal was final when both people agreed that it was a fair trade.” (paragraph 1)

    “Everyone valued barley, so the grain was used for trade.” (paragraph 4)

  • Q12

    What is most likely the author’s opinion about bartering?

    Bartering will likely increase as people use less physical money.

    Bartering is still an option when people live in smaller communities.

    Bartering is useful in some situations and will likely continue in the future.

    Bartering is now mainly used by children as a way to exchange food.

  • Q13

    What is the main way paragraph 1 connects with paragraph 4?

    They both reveal why Benny wants to win the flag design contest.

    They both show how Benny appreciates nature.

    They both describe events that Benny hopes for in the future.

    They both show the artistic skills that will help Benny achieve his goal.

  • Q14

    Read this sentence from paragraph 2.

         The blue sky was a roof that covered Benny’s Alaska at night.

    Which word best describes the tone in this sentence?





  • Q15

    Which meaning of the word “grand” is used in paragraph 4 of the story?






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