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NY Released Test - Grade 8 English Language Arts (2018)

Quiz by NYSED ELA Grade 8

Grade 8
English Language Arts
Common Core

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  • Q1
    What does paragraph 4 MOST reveal about the mother?
    She has a hard time relaxing.
    She has devotion for animals.
    She is tireless.
    She is responsible.
  • Q2
    The personification of the sky as "sulky" in paragraph 9 suggests the sky is
  • Q3
    What does paragraph 9 MAINLY reveal about the narrator?
    She loves language and has a vivid imagination.
    She pays attention to yearly patterns.
    She thinks of nature as calming
    She is attached to familiar things and is close to her family.
  • Q4
    Which idea would be MOST important to include in a summary of the story?
    "I took off my apron and was running across to the barn for the pickup before Dad had taken his hat from behind the door:' (paragraph 17)
    "She stood there untying her bandanna and I watched her as though I didn't know her face better than my own:' (paragraph 14)
    "It might go higher along toward Christmas, but we couldn't wait for that:' (paragraph 2)
    "We had to sell our wheat this month and not hold it over; that is, we did if I was going to the university that fall:' (paragraph 2)
  • Q5
    In paragraph 19, what does the phrase "like a monument" MAINLY suggest about the elevator?
    It is a landmark.
    It was designed by an architect
    It is a beautiful building.
    It is an old building.
  • Q6
    What is the BEST definition of "spoiled" as used in paragraph 21?
    decreased the value of
    made greedy by giving too much
    took away an opportunity
    made unfit for use
  • Q7
    How does the author MANILY develop the narrator's point of view in the story?
    by exaggerating how harsh the winter months are
    by using elements of humor
    by showing how the narrator interacts with her family
    by sharing the narrator's thoughts
  • Q8
    Read this sentence from paragraph 1. "Mr. Baum's stories were pure fantasy, so when he walked down the street in his finely tailored suit, children clamored in his wake." What is the effect of the author's word choices in this sentence?
    It hints that Baum was a serious person who told silly stories.
    It indicates how much children admired Baum and his stories.
    It hints that Baum was a serious person who told silly stories.
    It shows how rarely Baum told his stories to others.
  • Q9
    Read this sentence from paragraph 2. "Unlike stories told by parents, Baum's were not merely lectures in disguise." Based on this sentence, what is the author's point of view about Baum's sto ries?
    They are different from children's stories of today.
    They are enjoyed more by children than by adults.
    They are more entertaining than educational.
    They are good at providing a strong moral.
  • Q10
    How does paragraph 3 develop a central idea in the article?
    by listing characters that appeared in Baum's books
    by emphasizing that many books Baum wrote were forgotten
    by describing the work for which Baum is best known
    by explaining that other authors continued Baum's work
  • Q11
    In paragraph 4, what inference can be drawn from the information about Baum's early childhood?
    Baum's older siblings influenced his approach toward education.
    Baum's home education affected how he felt about other children.
    Baum's constant reading of fairy tales influenced his later writing.
    Baum's health problems affected how he felt about his family.
  • Q12
    Read this sentence from paragraph 6. "No road to success was ever more winding than Baum's." How does this sentence contribute to the struct ure of the article?
    It gives the cause for the events in the remainder of the article.
    It summarizes the first five paragraphs of the article.
    It contrasts the first half of the article with the second half.
    It serves as the topic sentence for the remainder of the article.
  • Q13
    Which sentence states a central idea of the article?
    Baum lived for several years in a small prairie town.
    Baum had to overcome many difficulties throughout his life.
    Baum was devoted to his wife and family
    Baum wrote a play and acted in the starring role.
  • Q14
    What benefit did Baum's stories offer to listeners, readers, and to Baum himself?
    They offered an exciting way to learn about the world around them.
    They offered a chance to invent new and exciting characters and places.
    They offered a new perspective on how adults and children should behave.
    They offered an entertaining distraction from the harsh realities of life.
  • Q15
    What does paragraph 2 most reveal about Eliza?
    She gets easily distracted.
    She thinks her father knows best.
    She has a strong imagination.
    She seldom misspells a word.

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