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Observational Study 2

Quiz by payam peymani

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5 questions
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  • Q1

    300 college students were randomly assigned to play 2 different games.  A short time later, the students were presented with the effect of games on the physical and mental health of participants, and results comparing the two groups were recorded. Is this study observational or Experimental?



  • Q2

    A researcher asks college students how many hours of sleep they got on an average night and examines whether the number of hours of sleep affects the students' grades.  This study is…


    Observational study


  • Q3

    The physical examination records of the entire students at X School were examined in 2000 to see if their recorded height and weight at the time of admission to the school was related to the development of coronary heart disease by 2005. This is an example of:

    A retrospective cohort study

    A prospective cohort study

    A case-control study

    Across-sectional study

  • Q4

    "Relative Risk for pancreas cancer and cigarette smoking from various studies are between1–1.5".  this statement indicates…

    Strength of the association


    Coherenceof explanation

    Dose-response relationship

  • Q5

    A case-control study in which cases and controls are selected from among members of cohort is known as...

    Case-cohort study

    Cohortretrospective study

    Nested case–control study


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