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Ocean Currents

Quiz by levi homer

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  • Q1
    What are surface currents?
    Currents that hit continents and change direction
    Currents on the surface of the ocean
    Currents on the bottom of the ocean
    Water falling from the sky
  • Q2
    What are the three main factors that affect surface currents?
    Dissolved solids dissolved gases and the sun’s energy
    Upwelling convection and the sun’s energy
    Deep currents convection currents and surface winds
    Global winds the Coriolis effect and continental deflection
  • Q3
    Continents above sea level causing currents to deflect and change direction is ________________
    Ocean currents
    Global winds
    Continental deflection
    The Coriolis Effect
  • Q4
    ____________ push water across Earth’s surface, causing surface currents to form.
    Continental deflection
    Ocean currents
    The Coriolis Effect
    Global winds
  • Q5
    ________________ causes currents in water to move in a curved path instead of a straight path
    Global winds
    Ocean currents
    Continental deflection
    The Coriolis Effect
  • Q6
    How does Salinity affect water density?
    the saltier the water the more dense
    the amount of salt does not affect water density
    the saltier the water the fresher it is
    the saltier the water the less dense
  • Q7
    Cold Water has ________ density than warm water, causing it to sink
    the same
  • Q8
    What cause Deep Currents?
    The Earth's rotation
    Wind blowing across the surface of the water
    Differences in water density
    Animals swimming in the ocean
  • Q9
    What is the energy source for the water cycle and global winds?
    Ocean currents
    The Sun
  • Q10
    Which of the following movements water has the biggest effect on moving nutrient rich water?
    Surface currents
    Deep currents
    Convection currents
  • Q11
    Which of the following can cause an increase in density in deep ocean currents?
    A warm breeze blows across cold water
    Warm water cools due to its surroundings
    The sun heats the water surface
    Surface currents changing direction when hitting a continent

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