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Ode to Enchanted/Sleeping in the Forest

Quiz by Kristin Reese

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  • Q1

    The title of the poem “Ode to enchanted light” indicates the poem is an ode, which is a specific type of poetry. Based on the details in the poem, which phrase describes an ode?

    A traditional poem that expresses appreciation for something

    A witty poem with a distinctive style and rhythm that is5 lines in length

    A poem of short rhyming lines that is 14 lines in length

    A humorous poem that expresses personal thoughts and feelings

  • Q2

    In “Ode to enchanted light,” the poet uses a simile in lines 4–5 in order to—

    create a sense of mystery about his subject

    describe things unfamiliar to his reader

    evoke a feeling of excitement toward nature

    influence people to preserve natural wonders

  • Q3

    In the first stanza of “Ode to enchanted light,” the poet suggests that one reason the forest looks so beautiful is that —

    the sunlight is streaming through the branches

    the forest is located near the beach

    the trees are covered with leaves

    the rain has transformed the trees

  • Q4

    In the second stanza of “Ode to enchanted light,” the poet uses the words high into the empty air to —

    suggest a sky without clouds

    describe the solitude of the forest 

    illustrate what the woods look like

     show a lack of rain in the sky 

  • Q5

    Which idea from “Sleeping in the Forest” suggests that the speaker feels at ease in the forest?

    Sleeping better than ever 

    Hearing the small kingdoms

    Nearness to the white fire

    Vanishing a dozen times

  • Q6

    In “Sleeping in the Forest,” lines 9–10 reveal that the speaker is —

    fearful but amazed

    surprised and excited

    happy and content 

    troubled but weightless

  • Q7

    In lines 16–18 of “Sleeping in the Forest,” the speaker most likely means that —

     she is hopeful that the new day will be better

    she had several wonderful dreams during the night

    she regrets spending the night in the forest

    she left the forest several times during the night

  • Q8

    Which poem uses line length to create a feeling of tumbling?

    “Ode to enchanted light” only

    Neither “Sleeping in the Forest” nor “Ode to enchanted light”

    Both “Sleeping in the Forest” and “Ode to enchanted light”

    “Sleeping in the Forest” only

  • Q9

    Which phrase is a way in which both poets use imagery and figurative language throughout the poems?

    To list facts about the forest

    To persuade people to visit the forest

    To explain a dream about the forest

    To share a sense of wonder about the forest


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