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Odyssey Books 5-8

Quiz by Julie Carroll

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Book 5 takes place on
    Sparta, Calypso's Island
    Troy, Calypso's Island
    Ithaca, Calypso's Island
    Ogygia, Calypso's Island
  • Q2
    Why has Hermes traveled to Calypso's Island?
    To carry a message from Mt. Olympus commanding her to release Odysseus
    To carry a message from Mt. Olympus commanding her to hold Odysseus captive for seven years
    To carry a message from Mt. Olympus commanding her to destroy Odysseus' raft
    To carry a message from Mt. Olympus commanding her to kill Odysseus.
  • Q3
    What is Odysseus doing when the reader first meets him on Ogygia?
  • Q4
    According to Calypso, what would Odysseus gain by staying with her?
  • Q5
    Calypso challenges Odysseus by saying he could not possibly prefer Penelope to her (Calypso, a goddess). How is Odysseus being a strategist when he answers Calypso
    Odysseus avoids the question altogether by turning his attention to the raft Calypso is helping him build, proving he is a strategist.
    Odysseus dodges the question by stating a fact - a human cannot compare with a goddess - and then redirects the conversation by saying he simply longs for home (Ithaca), proving he is a strategist.
    Odysseus does not answer Calypso, rather puts all his energy into building a raft, proving he is good at avoiding confrontation.
    Odysseus answers the question head-on by stating that, in his heart, he does want to stay with Calypso, but he cannot defy the will of the gods, proving that he honors the gods.
  • Q6
    What event could possibly be Odysseus’ abyss after he leaves Calypso’s island (hint: he’s alone, he’s facing his greatest enemy, Poseidon, he might be open to a new realization that could change his behavior)?
    When Calypo offers Odysseus immortality -- this is where he realizes he really does want glory and fame and decides to stay with Calypso forever.
    While trapped on Ogygia for 7 years -- this is where Odysseus realizes he misses Ithaca and his family and wants to go home.
    After leaving Calypso’s island, when Poseidon, his nemesis, causes a storm that almost kills Odysseus—this is where Odysseus realizes that he is at the will of the gods and transforms into a more humble human.
  • Q7
    After Odysseus leaves Ogygia, he is battered by the sea, helped by Athena, and lands on the shores of
    The Island of the Cyclopes
    Scheria, the home of the Phaeacians
  • Q8
    Odysseus shows he has transformed once landing on the shore of the Phaeacians by
    Being humble and asking Princess Nausicaa for help
    Helping the maids do the laundry
    Staying hidden until all the maids have returned to town
    Refusing help and walking alone to the Palace of King Alcinous
  • Q9
    Who intervenes a lot in Book 6 to help Nausicaa and Odysseus?
  • Q10
    In the paraphrasing of Books 7 and 8, Odysseus
    declares his love for Princess Nausicaa
    passes out from exhaustion at the dinner table
    keeps his true identity hidden until he can destroy the Phaeaicians
    reveals his true identity and starts to tell the story of where he has been these past 10 years

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