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Odyssey, Books I - X

Quiz by Antje Carlson

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  • Q1
    The first 10 lines of the poem are an invocation to the muse of epic poetry. Homer pretends that the muse is speaking through him and asks that his memory remain accurate.
  • Q2
    Why had Odysseus not yet returned home from the Trojan War?
    His boat had been damaged and he anchored in a port to have it fixed. Parts were not available, so his men had to make them
    He had angered the god Poseidon by blinding Poseidon's son, Polyphemos.
    Odysseus was a man of adventure. He didn't really want to return home to his quiet, dull life. He loved adventures.
    He stayed behind in Troy to help repair the damage done by the war. It's the honorable thing to do
  • Q3
    What words are used to describe Penelope's suitors?
    Words like conceited, mercenary, barbaric, and hateful
    Words like loving, muscular, cooperative, and nimble
    Words like romantic, handsome, caring and wise
    Words like lusty, arrogant, young bloods, and gluttons
  • Q4
    How does Penelope manage to hold off the suitors' demands for the past four years?
    She demands that they perform tasks so difficult that none of them has been able to succeed.
    She appeals to them to let her finish a death shroud for Laertes, father of Odysseus, so that when he dies she can properly wind him as is her duty. She weaves the shroud by day and then unweaves it at night to prolong having to answer to the suitors.
    She deliberately gains a lot of weight and lets the condition of her skin and teeth deteriorate in the hope that she is unattractive, they will leave her alone.
    She pretends to be so grief striken that she cannot function competently. Only one of her maidservants knows the truth.
  • Q5
    What sign does Zeus send to assembly, and what is its meaning?
    He shows an image of a table laden with all kinds of food. This means that a great feast will soon be held.
    He causes the sky to turn black in the middle of the day, and a fierce wind comes from the south. This shows the people that they are in disfavor with the god and must make atonement.
    Zeus launches a pair of eagles who drop on the heads of the crowd a death omen Halitherses, who is skilled in reading birdflight, tells them it means that Odyseeus is alive and will return soon. When he does, the suitors will be killed.
    He sends a thunderbolt into the crowd. It singes the hair on the beard of one of the men. It means that anyone who crosses Odysseus will be punished.
  • Q6
    Who is the friend of Odysseus who also fought in the Trojan War?
  • Q7
    What happens at the homecoming of Agamemnon?
    He is murdered by his wife, Klytaimnestra, and her lover, Aigisthos
    His family has kept the homecoming a secret so they can greet him privately. He is pleased.
    He is honored by the people and sees his new son for the first time
    Athena appears and praises him for his bravery.
  • Q8
    How does Nestor help Telemakhos?
    Nestor gives Telemakhos a cart and a team of horses to take him on his inland journey.
    Nestor offers a sacrifice to the gods in the name of Telemakhos.
    Nestor gives Telemakhos a magic cloak that will carry him speedily over the land. It also makes him invisible whenever anyone else is nearby.
    Nestor accompanies Telemakhos on his journey.
  • Q9
    III. Who accompanies Telemakhos to Sparta to the house of Menelaus?
  • Q10
    IV. The setting of Book IV is the home of Menelaus in Sparta?
  • Q11
    IV. Why is Menelaus to go to the Elysian Field instead of dying as other mortals do?
    his offerings to the gods are so far superior to all of the others that they awarded him that privilege.
    He is the husband of Helen and son-in-law of Zeus, he will not die.
    He is to be an inspiration to other mortals, that a valiant and honest life has rewards.
    It was a promise that Athena made long ago to his mother.
  • Q12
    IV. Who comforts Penelope after she learns of the suitors plan and the journey of Telemakhos.
    Athena, disguised as Penelope's sister Iphtime
    No one. She has given strict orders that she wants to be alone.
    Her maid Euryklela.
    Laertes comes from his house in the country and confronts her.
  • Q13
    V/VI. Which god or goddess brings a message from Zeus to Kalypso?
    Nausikaa, daughter of Alkinoos, ruler of Skherta,
    Leukothea, a sea nymph
    Kadmos, the ship builders daughter
    Amphitrite, the chief maiden
  • Q14
    V/VI. What help does Ino give to Odysseus?
    She gives him her magic veil which allows him to survive the long swim to Skheria.
    She creates a magic ship for him.
    She sends a pod of dolphins to surround and protect his ship.
    She calms the wind so the waves are not too big.
  • Q15
    V/VI. At the end of Book V, the ocean currents take Odysseus to the mouth of a river. He swims up the river and lands safely on the shore.

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