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Oedipus Rex

Quiz by Velva Fowler

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40 questions
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  • Q1
    That he will grow up to murder his father and marry his mother
    What is the Prophecy that has been made about Oedipus?
  • Q2
    Thebes has been plagued by the gods. The crops are diseased. There is famine, sickness and death.
    What is going on in the city of Thebes causing citizens to mourn?
  • Q3
    Oedipus is the King of Thebes, who once saved the City of Thebes from the great Sphinx monster before becoming King. They believe he can save the city. Gods are known to bless kings.
    Why do the Citizens of Thebes come to Oedipus mourning?
  • Q4
    Creon is brother to Jocasta making him Oedipus' Uncle and brother in law
    Who is Creon?
  • Q5
    Creon went to the Oracle at Delphi to find out how to stop the plague in Thebes
    Where has Creon been?
  • Q6
    The killer of Laius (former king) must be driven out of the city to stop the plague
    What has Apollo informed Creon has to be done to save the city?
  • Q7
    Shares that Laius has been murdered and the person who killed Laius was never punished or found
    What other information about King Laius' death does Apollo share?
  • Q8
    The gods are disgusted by the incest going on in the kingdom and the murderer has not been found/punished
    Why are the Gods disgusted?
  • Q9
    Says he will either kill or banish the killer
    What does Oedipus say he will do to the killer of Laius, once he is found?
  • Q10
    Tiresias's skill from birds is Augury. Augury is the practice of interpreting signs and Omens
    What is Tiresia's skill from birds that Oedipus refers to?
  • Q11
    Tiresias is afraid to share that he knows Oedipus is closely related to the murder of Laius. He does not want to cause an uprising or more chaos within Thebes. ("I would rather keep you and me from harm...)
    Why is Tiresias reluctant to speak to Oedipus?
  • Q12
    Finally tells Oedipus that he is the problem and is the person who killed Laius
    What does Tiresia's finally tell Oedipus?
  • Q13
    Believes that Creon and Tiresias are trying to drive Oedipus out to take his throne.
    What does Oedipus accuse both Tiresias and Creon of?
  • Q14
    Creon says he enjoys the advantages of the king as the queen brother. He has everything he could ever want without the stress of "King Duties" and he is family to Oedipus so he wouldn't do that to him (brother- in- law)
    How does Creon defend himself from Oedipus' accusation?
  • Q15
    Jocasta has just informed Oedipus of the place and time Laius was murdered. This aligns directly with the time Oedipus left Corinth and murdered someone and his servants on his journey to Thebes. He realizes that if there is a witness, he could be proven guilty as Laius' murderer.
    What is the significance of when Oedipus says the line "O Zeus, what plaything you make of me"? What has Jocasta just told him?

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