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Quiz by Bert Vogel

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  • Q1

    What is not true about Andre Ferreira

    I play piano for 28 years

    I have a world record in a racing simulator

    I had a private concert from Within Temptation.

    At one point I had 5 cats.

  • Q2

    What is not true about Andy Thuwis

    I will become father of a 4th child soon

    I play guitar

    I have had a serious carcrash in 2021

    I have 3 sons

  • Q3

    What is not true about Anne van Hout

     I like to get up early

    I'm colorblind

     My friends say "I have men's humor"

    As a real H&T'er I'm sleeping on pallets

  • Q4

    What is not true about Bart ten Broeke

    I like music and can also play drums

    This football season with my own team I once scored 6 goals in 1 match

     I am a supporter of football club Heracles Almelo even though I live in Twente

    I don’t like drinking beer

  • Q5

    What is not true about Bas Starren

    My favorite holiday destination is France

    I worked in a restaurant kitchen for 6 years

    I play a music instrument in an orchestra

    I play football

  • Q6

    What is not true about Bert Vogel

    In 2020 I flew across the Atlantic ocean 4 times.

    I have been elected city councilor.

    My mother in law only speak Chinese.

    I once won my tennis club championship.

  • Q7

    What is not true about Cornel Pieters

    I eat  vegan a few days a week

    I  Cannot touch my toes when standing upright

    I Like gardening

    I  Played rugby

  • Q8

    What is not true about Derek van de Meerendonk

    I have voted for the US presidency multiple times

    I had a trip planned to Russia this summer

    I have a collection of glass figurines

    I have was in the car with a past course record holder on the racetrack Spa-Francochamps 

  • Q9

    What is not true about Erik Schroen

    I’m a Beekeeper

    I like dishonest people

    I am a  Hobby cook

    I worked on the train design of the Python in De Efteling

  • Q10

    What is not true about Fedde Reijnders

    I have a Norwegian girlfriend

    I am originally from Brabant and I love celebrating Carnaval

    I practice Chinese in my spare time

    I studied more than 10 years

  • Q11

    What is not true about Gabi van Oijen

    I’m working a lot on our property and for this I use a tractor

    I’m working 5045 days for ASML

    I’m playing jazz music on the piano 

    I’m part of a competence team

  • Q12

    What is not true about Gil Geurtjens

    I have five pets 

    I have never broken a bone

    I like my food very spicy 

    I’m a single parent of my  12yo daughter Marissa

  • Q13

    What is not true about Harrie Smetsers

    I am very passionate about the hoisting and lifting industry

    I have lifted the heaviest object ever lifted in the world

    Always driving for improvement

    I like the processes within ASML

  • Q14

    What is not true about Henri Rommelse

    I will become 50 in 2 weeks.

    I base-jump.

    In the first 10-15 year I avoided ASML as an employer.

    I sing and I can rap.

  • Q15

    What is not true about Irfan Sogut

    I spent 5 years in military

    I have black belt in Taekwondo

    I like fishing

    I do rock climbing


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