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Quiz by olga shmiliak

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  • Q1
    If the weather is fine, we
    would have gone for a walk
    would go for a walk
    will go for a walk.
    go for a walk
  • Q2
    If I had studied hard for the exam,
    I would pass it.
    I wouldn't have failed it.
    I will fail it
    I wouldn't fail it
  • Q3
    If I were a sultan,
    I would have had three wives.
    I would have three wifes.
    I would have three wives
    I will have three wives.
  • Q4
    What will you do if
    the weather will be fine?
    the weather is fine?
    the weather will fine?
    the weather would be fine?
  • Q5
    What would you buy if
    you had a million dollars?
    you have a million dollars?
    you will have a million dollars?
    you had a million of dollars?
  • Q6
    If I had had time I
    will read this book
    would had had read this book.
    would have read this book.
    would read this book.

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