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Online Netiquette

Quiz by paloma aleixo

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    What is the first rule of online classroom etiquette?
    Wear appropriate attire
    Know your surroundings
    Be an active listener
    Test before signing on
  • Q2
    What should you wear for an online school session?
    Your favorite pajamas
    School appropriate attire
    Anything comfortable
    A bathing suit
  • Q3
    What should you do before signing on for an online class?
    Test it out
    Turn on your camera
    Write down notes
    Say hello to your teacher
  • Q4
    When should you say hello to your teacher during an online class?
    Wait for a pause
    After turning on your camera
    Before muting yourself
    Immediately upon signing in
  • Q5
    What is the recommended way to show that you're actively listening during an online class?
    Keep your eyes on the camera
    Interrupt when you agree
    Raise your hand
    Take notes on paper
  • Q6
    How can you communicate with your teacher and classmates during an online class?
    Send text messages privately
    Speak directly into the microphone
    Use hand gestures
    Use the chat feature
  • Q7
    What is a helpful way to show your teacher that you're following along during an online class?
    Join breakout rooms
    Take notes
    Ask questions verbally
    Participate in discussions
  • Q8
    What is the overall expectation for following these rules in an online classroom?
    The class will be dismissed early
    The class will become more interactive
    The teacher will also follow the rules
    The teacher will provide rewards
  • Q9
    What should you do if you agree with something during an online class?
    Nod your head vigorously
    Give a thumbs up or applaud
    Send a private message
    Interrupt and voice your agreement
  • Q10
    When should you mute yourself during an online class?
    When you have a question
    During breakout room discussions
    Sign in and remember mute is your friend
    Only when the teacher asks you to

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