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Open Banking 2019

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  • Q1
    Which Open banking State can the customer borrow whilst in?
    Card Details Approval
    Bank Journey
    Failed reassessment
  • Q2
    Where can a customer go to renew access?
    Over the phone on Atlas
    Their Dashboard and My Consents tab
    At Account Technologies
    At the bank
  • Q3
    You load up an application and see “AwaitingConsent”, what do you advise the cust to get passed this state?
    To close the application and re-apply
    We will send you link to get passed this
    The Customer will need to give explicit consent for running our in-house affordability checks
    The application is okay and to let run as normal
  • Q4
    What do you advise a customer if you see this, “AwaitingConfirmYourAccount”?
    To contact the bank to confirm the bank account
    To post the customers bank details to us to manually input
    To log back into their application and confirm the bank account they would like us to connect to.
    To close the application and re-apply with us
  • Q5
    The applicant has completed their application and it states, “Awaiting Affordability”, what do you advise?
    Advise the customer this is not affordable for them and to re-apply
    To close the application and re-apply
    To contact the relevant department to discuss the application
    Application is in the final stages and should have an outcome by the end of the next working day
  • Q6
    When the open banking application state is advising, ’Bureau’ who is the application with and how long can this take?
    Application is with the credit bureau and the customer should receive correspondence by the end of the next business day.
    The credit bureau has declined this, and you would need to re-apply
    We do not know where the application is, no time frame
    To leave the application running and re-apply
  • Q7
    When a 403 on open banking is showing, what must be actioned?
    Yodlee refresh, if this is unsuccessful, go to a Team Leader and get them to complete the 403 report for a decision
    Advise the customer would need to clear the outstanding balance and change bank account
    Send funds to the customer
    Leave the account running as normal
  • Q8
    Account OK but not Refreshed, is on the account and cust is unable to borrow, what do you do?
    Deposit funds to the customer
    Get the customer to re-apply
    Make sure the customer has re-consented and complete a yodlee refresh refresh, wait 60 seconds for a pop-up stating, ‘scoring finished’
    Take a full repayment the complete a yodlee refresh
  • Q9
    Customer advises is unable to borrow but the file Connection OK, what do you look at and advise?
    Take a full repayment, close the account and get the customer to re-apply
    Transfer file to relevant department and advise no time frame
    advise the customer is unable to borrow 25 days before consent expires and needs to re-consent on their dashboard
    arrange a call back to discuss this later
  • Q10
    What do we advise for ‘KnowYourCustomer’, ‘FinalScorecard’ and ‘FinalDupe’?
    Advise the customer that they have been accepted and should receive correspondence soon
    Application is in its final decision making stages and the customer should receive an outcome by the end of the next business day
    Advise the customer to log into the application and start again
    Advise the customer to re-apply as the application would need to be closed

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