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Quiz by suraj kapoor

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8 questions
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  • Q1

    Astigmatism can be due to all except

    Corneal curvature abnormality

    Lenticular curvature abnormality

    All can cause Astigmatism

    Oblique position of lens

  • Q2

    Mark the incorrect statement about Astigmatism

    Oblique displacement of macula can be the cause of astigmatism

    Irregular astigmatism can be seen in keratoconus

    All are correct

    Against the rule- Vertical axis is steeper

  • Q3

    Bioblique astigmatism

    2 meridian are not horizontal  but at 90 degree

    All are correct

    2 meridian are not at 90 degree to each other

    2 meridian are not vertical  but at 90 degree

  • Q4

    Incorrect about presbyopia

    Fatigue doing close work

    Eye strain doing close work

    All are correct

    It is treated by concave lens

  • Q5

    Presbyopia is treated with 

    Far glasses


    Near glasses

    Bifocal if refractory error for far as well

  • Q6

    When both principal meridians are focussed in front of retina

    Simple hypermetropic astigmatism

    Compound myopic astigmatism

    Simple myopic astigmatism

    Compound hypermetropic astigmatism

  • Q7


    Question Image

    Astigmatic fan

    None of the above

    Corneal topography

    Placido disk

  • Q8

    Laser eye surgery  for Astigmatism can be done in 

    Age >40 years

    Patient with diabetes

    Vision of eye still changing 

    All of the above


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