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Order of Ops w/ Integers

Quiz by Katie Hoang

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  • Q1

     A farmer has 5 ½ acres of land. If he grows corn on ¾ of his land, then how many acres of land does he grow corn on?

    3 ¾ acres

    2 ½ acres

     4 ⅛ acres

    4 ½ acres

  • Q2

    The Fearless Felines participated in a Frisbee Golf tournament last weekend.  Their individual scores are listed below.

    What was the team’s total score?

    Question Image





  • Q3

    Which of the following expressions will result in a positive answer?





  • Q4

     Which expression does the model below represent?

    Question Image





  • Q5

    Jose purchased 4½ pounds of beef at the meat market. If each pound of beef costs $3.20, then how much money did he spend on the beef?






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