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Organisms and Environments

Quiz by Kristel Cruncleton

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12 questions
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  • Q1
    Using the chart below, what would most likely happen if this specific ocean region was overfished by humans?
    Question Image
    decrease in the activity of marine worms
    increase in the shark population
    decrease in the available energy from the Sun
    decrease in the amount of algae
  • Q2
    Which of the following statements is NOT true about the organism that completes this food chain?
    Question Image
    It depends on other animals for energy.
    It has sharp claws or teeth.
    It derives its energy directly from the sun.
    It can move from one place to another.
  • Q3
    In order for parasites to survive off of their host organism, they will need to be able to:
    reproduce faster than their host
    become self-supporting by producing their own energy
    fight off other parasites of their own species
    have a symbiotic relationship with their host
  • Q4
    Which does not describe a predator/prey behavior?
    A polar bear walking on the sea ice searching for a seal.
    An eagle soaring above a field looking for a mouse.
    A barnacle attaching itself to a whale.
    Dolphins working in a team to roundup a school of fish.
  • Q5
    In a rainforest, giant trees normally live for hundreds of years. However, when they do die and fall to the ground, hundreds of seedlings will compete to take its place. What adaptation is most necessary for a young tree to mature in this environment?
    the ability to grow vertically at a rapid rate
    the ability to retain water to survive in drought conditions
    the ability to establish a deep root system while growing at a slow and steady rate.
    the ability to grow narrow, small leaves

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