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organizing school

Quiz by David Neuman

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4 questions
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  • Q1
    Your mom gave you a calendar for your birthday. Once you got over initial your disappointment—you had your heart set on a Ferrari 458 Spider—you realized that calendar's going to be pretty useful. What's the most important thing to make note of when you add all of your classes to your shiny new calendar?
    What room they're in
    What your assignments are
    Your escape route in the event of a werewolf attack
  • Q2
    Robbie's allergic to nuts. He hasn't had an allergic reaction since 2nd grade, when he tripped and fell into a pile of cashews face first. Should he keep carrying an EpiPen with him in his backpack anyway?
    Yes, and he should keep it in a specific pocket.
    No, the nurse has epi-pens
    Yes. He can't trust the lunch ladies not to put almonds in the tuna casserole.
  • Q3
    Penny just bought herself a calendar so she can stay organized. Way to go, Penny. She wrote "PENNY'S CALENDAR" on the front in huge letters so no one in her house will ever confuse it with her brother's social studies book or the user manual for the Jacuzzi. Now that the outside of Penny's calendar is taken care of, which of the following events should Penny make note of on the inside of the calendar?
    Can't fool me, Shmoop. Penny should note all of these events.
    Her friends' birthdays.
    The due date for her research paper.
    Her orthodontist appointment next Tuesday.
  • Q4
    Ever since that boulder fell on his head, Darren's been kind of forgetful. Which of the following options is the best way for Darren to ensure that he never forgets to bring his shorts to gym glass, his kazoo to band practice, or his tattered copy of Animal Farm to English class?
    Noting activities and assignments in his calendar
    Keeping a shopping list in his calendar
    Getting a backpack big enough to hold all of his materials at once

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