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OS 2 Unit 1 Learning a New Job (Listening)

Quiz by Antonina Simkuniene

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7 questions
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  • Q1

    1. What did Marta do after leaving school?

    a. She got a job.    

    c. She started her apprenticeship.

    b. She went to university.

  • Q2

    2. How did she find out about the apprenticeship?

    c. from a magazine  

    a. from a friend

    b. from a university job centre

  • Q3

    3.  How many departments does she work in each year?

    a. three  

    b. four

    c. five

  • Q4

    4.  Which department is she working in at the moment?

    b. services

    a. administration

    c. environment   

  • Q5

    5. How often does she attend lectures?

    c. three days a week

    a. one day a week

    b. two days a week   

  • Q6

    6. How many apprentices attend her lectures?

    c. fifty

    a. four


  • Q7

    7.  Which sentence is NOT true about her plans for after the apprenticeship?

    c. She would like to work in Indonesia.

    b. She is interested in working in planning.

    a. She must work for the company for four years.     


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