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OSE Theory Revision 22 - Perform Tech Support

Quiz by Christian Mo Zelin

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  • Q1

    A technician working on a computer discovers what is suspected to be illegal activity. Which three pieces of information should be immediately documented? (Choose three.)

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  • Q2

    A supervisor received a complaint that one of the technicians was rude and disrespectful. Which action by the technician most likely caused the customer to complain?

    The customer was escalated to a level-two technician.

    The technician interrupted a number of times to ask questions.

    The technician occasionally confirmed an understanding of the problem.

    The technician ended the call without saying ‘Have a nice day’.

  • Q3

    What category of technician uses remote access software to update a computer belonging to a customer?

    level one technicians

    level two technicians

    field technicians

    bench technicians

  • Q4

    A customer is explaining a problem with a computer to a technician. The technician recognizes the problem prior to the customer finishing the explanation. What should the technician do?

    Wait politely for the customer to finish explaining the problem.

    Interrupt the customer and let the customer know that the technician knows what the problem is.

    Start working on the PC while listening to the customer at the same time.

    Ask the customer to repeat the problem so that the technician can document it and verify all the facts.

  • Q5

    What are two examples of displaying professional communication skills while talking to a customer? (Choose two.)

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  • Q6

    Once a technician understands a customer complaint, it is common to ask closed-ended questions. Which question is a close-ended one?

    What happened before the error occurred?

    Is this the first time the error occurred?

    What error messages were displayed when the error occurred?

    What happened after the error occurred?

  • Q7

    A customer is upset and wants to speak to a specific technician to resolve a problem immediately. The requested technician is away from the office for the next hour. What is the best way to handle this call?

    Advise the customer that the requested technician is out of the office and insist on trying to resolve the problem.

    Refer the angry customer to a supervisor.

    Make an offer to help the customer immediately, and advise the customer that otherwise the requested technician will call the customer back within two hours.

    Ignore the request for the specific technician by walking through a step-by-step process with the customer in an attempt to refocus the customer and solve the problem.

  • Q8

    Which statement best describes a call center?

    It is a help desk used by customers to make an appointment to report their computer problems.

    It is a store-front environment where the customers go with their computers to have them fixed.

    It is a place that exists within a company and provides computer support to both employees and customers of the company.

    It is a busy, fast-paced work environment where agents contact customers to arrange preventive maintenance appointments.

  • Q9

    What is a common responsibility of a level one call center technician?

    remotely connecting to customer devices and implementing driver and software updates

    calling back customers and asking additional questions to solve the problem

    entering a concise description of a customer problem into a ticketing system

    receiving escalated work orders from a lower level technician

  • Q10

    A customer is angry and calls to complain that the service scheduled on the computer took longer than expected. The technician reviews the work order and notices that the service was performed by a new employee. How should the technician respond?

    Explain that the repair technician sent to perform the service is inexperienced.

    Listen to the complaint and then apologize for any inconvenience caused by the lengthy service on the computer.

    Put the customer on hold until a supervisor is available.

    Verify that the computer is working properly now.


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