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OSE Theory Revision 25 - Tech Support and Law

Quiz by Christian Mo Zelin

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  • Q1

    Which task would require that a problem be escalated to a level two technician?

    changing CMOS settings

    cleaning a mouse

    changing toner cartridges

    checking loose external cables

  • Q2

    A technician receives a call from a customer who is too talkative. How should the technician handle the call?

    Politely step in and gain control of the call by asking the customer social questions.

    Talk over the customer and quickly gather the necessary information to be of help.

    Use open-ended questions and repeat all the information back to the customer to politely show that unnecessary information is being given.

    Allow the customer to speak without interruption and then try to use closed-ended questions to gather data.

  • Q3

    What should a level two technician do immediately after receiving an escalated work order from a level one technician?

    Send the work order to a level three technician and ask for support.

    Document suggestions to solve the problem in the work order and return it to the level one technician.

    Call the level one technician and ask questions about the problem.

    Call the customer back to ask any additional questions and resolve the problem.

  • Q4

    Which two rules pertain to the general daily activities of employees in a call center environment? (Choose two.)

    Users sort answers between categories
  • Q5

    What does a technician need in order to make changes to software installed on the computer of a customer?

    verification that the software is legal

    two witnesses

    the authorization of a more senior technician

    customer authorization

  • Q6

    Which is true regarding the treatment of customer property?

    Customer property is limited to hardware.

    A customer’s phone list is customer property and must be kept private.

    A technician does not have to care about copies of customer files because it is not the original.

    Data left on a customer’s PC is not property because it is visible to others.

  • Q7

    During computer forensics investigations, which type of data is lost when power is removed from the computer?

    data that is stored in RAM

    data that is stored on magnetic disk

    data that is stored to an external drive

    data that is stored on solid state drives

  • Q8

    Why is a chain of custody important in a cyber crime case?

    It proves guilt

    It authenticates evidence

    It protects copyrighted materials

    It ensures conviction

  • Q9

    When performing computer forensics, what can be prevented with a properly and carefully documented chain of custody?

    evidence tampering

    identity theft

    cyber crime

    copying of copyrighted materials

  • Q10

    Which type of documentation is concerned with specifying what data must be collected and how long it must be retained in regards to an organization?

    user documentation





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