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OSE Theory Revision 3

Quiz by Christian Mo Zelin

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  • Q1
    After installing a new sound card driver in a computer that was working properly, you found it unable to boot. What is the quick fix you can try to return to the previous working state?
    Boot to Emergency Recovery State
    Boot to Start Windows Normally
    Boot to Last Known Good Configuration
    Boot to Recovery Console
  • Q2
    Which of the following is a possible situation where it might be necessary to boot Windows 7 from a USB device, CD or DVD?
    To Disable Background Services
    To repair the system
    To Delete Registry Keys
    To partition the hard drive
  • Q3
    Amongst the following 4 terms, which of them best describes the feature of an operating system that allows it to support two or more CPUs?
    multiuser support
  • Q4
    Which key, when pressed during the boot process, will allow the option for the user to start Windows in Safe Mode?
    Windows Key
  • Q5
    Which of the following is a feature of Windows 8?
    It supports a touch screen interface
    It is a 128-bit operating system
    It can be directtly upgraded from Windows XP
    It uses the Aero user interface
  • Q6
    Which component in the CPU architecture allows for immediate access to data by the CPU?
  • Q7
    In which of the following scenario would the PXE option be likely used to repair a PC?
    The display cannot be seen clearly
    A newly installed application caused the system to perform erratically
    The computer needs a replacement operating system
    There is no response from the mouse or keyboard
  • Q8
    Which of the following statements describes the GUID partition table accurately?
    It is 512 bytes long and contains the boot loader
    It cannot be used in a multiboot environment
    It is not supported by Windows 10 Home edition
    It is commonly used in computers with UEFI firmware
  • Q9
    Which of the following statements describes dynamic disks in a Windows 10 Pro PC?
    Free space can only be added from the same disk to extend the volume
    They have the ability to create volumes that span across more than one disk
    More space can be added to a partition by extending it into adjacent, unallocated space, as long as it is contiguous.
    A partition created on a dynamic disk can be shrunk without deleting the partition first
  • Q10
    You are required to deploy Windows 10 Pro upgrade to a group of employee PCs on the network and ensure that the user state migrate successfully. Which of the following tools is best suited for this?
    PC Mover Express
    User State Migration
    Windows Easy Transfer
    Windows 10 Update Assistant

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