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Outcome 9: Inner Planets

Quiz by clewisjensen

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27 questions
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  • Q1
    Mercury is the _____ planet to the sun
    Question Image
  • Q2
    What kind of weather does Mercury have?
    Question Image
    Extremely hot is summer and cold in winter
    Extremely hot all year round
    Extremely cold on one half of Mercury and hot on the the other
    It has no atmosphere, so it has no weather
  • Q3
    How big is Mercury?
    Question Image
    1/3 the size of Earth
    About as big as Earth
    1/4 the size of Earth
    1/2 the size of Earth
  • Q4
    Why is the surface of Mercury like our moon?
    Question Image
    Because the Sun's gravity pulls many meteors towards it
    Because it is closest to the sun
    Because it has no atmosphere for meteors to burn up in
    Because it is the smallest planet
  • Q5
    What is unique about days and years on Mercury?
    Question Image
    A day is about twice as long as a year
    A day is as long as a year
    A year is about twice as long as a day
    They are the same
  • Q6
    How did Mercury gets it's name?
    Question Image
    Mercury is red and so is the planet.
    It has the fastest orbit and Mercury was the Greek messenger god.
    It has the fastest rotation and Mercury was the Greek messenger god.
    It has the fastest orbit and Mercury was the Roman messenger god.
  • Q7
    If you were standing on Mercury looking up at the sky, how much bigger would the sun appear?
    Question Image
    2 times bigger
    5 times bigger
    As big
    3 times bigger
  • Q8
    How long is a day on Mercury?
    Question Image
    176 days
    14 days
    88 days
    24 hours
  • Q9
    How long is a year on Mercury?
    Question Image
    156 days
    365 days
    88 days
    24 hours
  • Q10
    Venus rotates or spins backwards compared to other planets. How does this effect sunrise and sunset?
    Question Image
    The sun doesn't rise
    The sun rises in the West and sets in the East.
    The sun rises in the East and sets in the West
    The sun doesn't set
  • Q11
    We can see Venus easily without a telescope. Where can you see it?
    Question Image
    Near the moon at midnight
    Near Orion
    Near the moon at dusk and dawn
    Near Polaris
  • Q12
    How is Venus like the Moon?
    Question Image
    It's about the same size
    It has phases
    The rotation period is about the same
    It surface looks the same
  • Q13
    Venus is called the Hot Planet (+400 degrees celcius). Why does it get so hot?
    Question Image
    Volcanoes are constantly erupting
    It has no atmosphere
    It's so close to the sun
    The thick atmosphere of CO2 creates a Greehouse effect
  • Q14
    Venus is called Earth's twin. Why?
    Question Image
    They both have water
    They both have a large single moon
    They both are about the same size.
    They both have a breathable atmosphere
  • Q15
    Venus is the ________ planet.
    Question Image

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