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Outsiders Ch. 6

Quiz by Natalie Cordivari

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    When they are at the Dairy Queen, what does Johnny tell Dally that he's going to do?
    That he's going to turn himself in.
    He's going to kill more Socs.
    That he is going to kill himself.
    That he is going to ask Cherry to marry him.
  • Q2
    What do the boys see when they reach the top of Jay Mountain?
    The church is on fire.
    The police waiting to arrest them.
    A bear eating their food.
    They see a group of Socs waiting for them.
  • Q3
    Why did Dally hit Ponyboy on the back with a board?
    He was on fire.
    He got mad at him for running away.
    Ponyboy talked back to him.
    He did it by accident.
  • Q4
    What happens to Johnny?
    The police arrest him when they get back to the church.
    A piece of wood from the church falls on his back and he gets burned.
    He gets jumped again by the Socs.
    He runs away from Ponyboy and leaves him stranded at the church.
  • Q5
    What does Darry do when he sees Ponyboy again for the first time?
    He does nothing.
    He yells at him.
    He hits him with a board.
    He begins to cry.

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