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Quiz by Nelly Salgado Jardon

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  • Q1
    Taylor Medical Clinic Christmas holiday hours CLOSED from Friday, December 20 until Thursday, January 2 Phones are answered from 9 to 12.00pm everyday.
    The clinic is closing during the Christmas season
    You can phone the clinic at any time if you need it
    The clinic will open only after noon at Christmas.
  • Q2
    The Big Welsh Swim Get 25% discount on all Zone A swimming suits and sport clothes when you enter. Print the website page ad and show it on your next visit.
    You need to buy online to pay less money
    The shop ofers a discount coupon on their website.
    Prices are cheaper when you enter the shop.
  • Q3
    NO PARKING Except Sundays and Holidays
    You can’t park here from Monday to Saturday
    People can park here two days a week.
    There is no place to park here.
  • Q4
    Visit the UK Lots of history Beautiful countryside Sightseeing tours Click here or call 01692 631 386
    You need to choose one option for your holidays
    You can book your holidays online or by phone.
    You can study the past of Great Britain on holidays.
  • Q5
    Hello Maria, About your visit next week, I’m not sure if you want to go to the Inca ruins first or the Machu Picchu museum. Please let me know soon. Alan
    Alan thinks Maria should go to the museum firs
    Alan hopes that Maria will tell him about her plans.
    Alan wants to know if Maria is coming next week.
  • Q6
    Hi Mark! I’ve bought the plane tickets for all of us at the airport. Can you call me when you see this message to talk about the hotel? George
    George wants Mark to know that he didn’t book the plane tickets
    George wants Mark to pay him back for the plane tickets.
    George wants Mark to contact him about the hotel.

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